Friday, March 23, 2012

"Things I very much liked indeed ... back in 2004" ... Pt. 2

Good morning friends,

sorry, it took me a few days to post this follow-up, but there was too much to do in real life lately, as well in the office as at home, so I didn't find the time to sit down and write a little something. Also I couldn't be arsed to do it late in the evening, that's why you had to wait until today.

As you might or might know by now, I am a bit of a sucker for cover versions, and what a fine example of that did I dig out for you today, that's for sure! I'm pretty convinced you all know the Dead Kennedys' original by heart and love it to no degree, so here's what Nouvelle Vague made out of it:

Nouvelle Vague - 'Too Drunk To Fuck' ('04) (mp3)

It would be interesting to receive comments from my female readers (if such creatures exist at all) and learn what they made out of this version! Camille's vocal talents will most surely meet with the male readers' approval, I'm willing to have a small bet here. Well, either that or the story she tells in the song. More likely the latter, I assume.

Enjoy ... and let me know what you think, yes?



Swiss Adam said...

It's good that is. Female readers? Not many I reckon, this is a very male preserve.

George said...

Just discovered this (from Linear Tracking). The Vibes - tremendous track (but I hear noise is even better).

Tricia said...

Well, you have at least one female reader out here.

I may be biased because I love Nouvelle Vague, but I thought this cover was great fun. I love the laughter and her enunciation. Of course, it is a funny song to begin with.