Tuesday, December 6, 2011

JC is back ... with a jetlag!

Aruba Airport

Good morning dearest friends,

just a quickie this morning: I just read that finally our pal JC aka The Vinyl Villain has returned from his holiday in Aruba, suitcases were delayed at the airport, he can't really cope with the cold Glasgow temperatures in comparison and, in addition to this, he suffers from a jet lag. Poor guy, but fucking hell, these things won't happen when going to Weston-super-Mare instead, so it's all your own fault, darling!

In fact I am of course only [A] just a jealous guy and [B] use every opportunity, even as far-fetched as in this context, to herald a I, Ludicrous - revival, which I start with this from their 1987 debut album 'It's Like Everything Else':

I, Ludicrous

A mighty tune, so enjoy!



Thursday, December 1, 2011

Harold's Leap - 'Too Much Time'

Good morning my beauties,

suffering from a conjunctivitis is not nice, I can tell you. The only good thing is that you can't go to work, which, let's face facts here, is something I can cope with for a week or so ... after 25 years in business, because it means yiu find time to do things you normally don't have the time for that easily. And this post is but one of them:

quite a while ago I received a CD in the post, out of the blue, sent to me by my mate Tim. Now Tim is the mastermind behind the Contrast Podcast, a site which I highly recommend, especially currently, because the Festive Fifty will be on its way shortly. If you want to vote, by the way, you have another week to do so. Have a look here for further information/instructions.

But back to the CD. I knew actually that Tim was involved in music thingies in one way or another, what I didn't know though is that he is in a band, and in a proper one as well! The CD is by and large marvellous and it really is a good listen throughout! I am no good at all in reviewing music, drawing comparisons, highlighting the positive aspects of some tunes and figure out why it is that others are not as brilliant. I think people should always judge by themselves and therefore here's a tune from said CD for you to do the very same now:

Harold's Leap - 'Feeding The Dumb Glutton' (mp3)

A real corker, isn't it? And the other 13 tunes are just as neat, I would think, although this one is my favourite!

'Too Much Time' is out on Constitution Music and you can find additional information here and you can purchase the CD here.

Please do the necessary,