Friday, October 25, 2013

John Peel - Day 2013: "My Old Peel Tapes ... Again!" (Pt. 3)


Hello dear friends,

sorry sorry sorry that I just got around to post this at this time of the day/evening, but I was stuck in office all day without any access to my music library.

John Peel - Day it is - or rather was - again today, and as usual I didn't come up with brilliant ideas about what to post on this special occasion, so I thought I'd just continue with another one of those old Peel BFBS - tapes.

And why not, I mean: it's music played by Peel back then and I assume there are one or two folk's faces out there to whom this old stuff might put a smile on ....

So please enjoy one of my favourite ones out of the nearly 400 tapes I recorded, Peel 018, from 1985:

Peel 018, C. 005/2:
179 Daytime Dilemma (Dangers Of
Love) Ramones
180 Snipe Marc Riley with The Creepers
181 All That Ever Mattered Shop Assistants
182 Just One Kiss Cure
183 Swimming Ground Meat Puppets
184 Absolute Body Control DAF
185 The Blood Cure
186 King Of The Hill Minutemen
187 You Should Never Have Opened
That Door Ramones
188 Texas Wine Jon Wayne
189 Spinning Round Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
190 The Baby Screams Cure
191 Special Delivery Stomp Earl Bostic
192 Shadow Figure Marc Riley with The Creepers
193 Animal Kingdom Meat Puppets

Now, doesn't this tape really have everything you need in life? I mean, what more can you ask for?

As usual, downloadable as a folder, each tune separately (here) or as another awesome megamix (here).

Also, as usual, find the same thing - but with Peel bragging inbetween the tracks - on the Peel Wiki.

Keep it Peel, friends, will you?

Take good care,


Sunday, October 13, 2013

"My Old Peel Tapes ... Again!" (Pt. 2)

Good afternoon, my lovelies:

one comment to yesterday's post (so far):

George said...
Quality songs from 1985. Dino Lee's Good year I haven't heard for a long long time. I have it somewhere on CD, absolutely not recorded from the John Peel show. I have the Yeah Yeah Noh single packed away too. More of this please.
George, your will is my command, mate, therefore here's more of this indeed ... please enjoy Peel 9:
Peel 009, C. 012/1:
89The Girl Who Knew Too MuchJane Bond & The Undercovermen
90I Wish I Was A Single Girl
AgainBlood On The Saddle
91Fruit Flies3 Johns
92Jackpot JackRoom
93Warm LeatheretteNormal
94Party LineAbbreviated Ceiling
95World Turned Upside DownBilly Bragg
96That's How It'll BeLime Spiders

Get it here (folder) or here (in da mix, as they say).

Enjoy your Sunday, people!


Friday, October 11, 2013

"My Old Peel Tapes ... Again!"

Good morning friends,

this is just to let you know that I am still alive in one form or another: my hearing loss is still not fully gone and I can't really concentrate on important things. Reason enough for me to spend some time in front of the computer and do silly nonsense ... what I did in fact - in a true Miss Marple style - was trying to search for some tunes that I'm still missing on my old John Peel on BFBS cassettes, taped some 30 years ago and by and large I managed to get hold of the bulk of the specific songs on them on vinyl and/or mp3's within the years. Of course I will never fully achieve this - only a multimillionaire with loads of time could do so, I think - but within the last days I completed at least a few of the old tapes, partly quite illegally I'm afraid.  And, being a generous chap, I thought I'd let you participate and give you but one of them. A random pick this is really, Peel 14 (#14 out of 377 (!) cassette sides, mind you), recorded back in 1985.

So you may call this a mixtape, as simple as that, and why not. But it's a good one, believe me:

Peel 014, C. 017/1:
144 Love Under Will Blood And Roses
145 Death Of The European 3 Johns
146 That's What Dreams Green On Red
147 Good Year For The Roses Dino Lee
148 Risk Krupps
149 The Day After Men They Couldn't Hang
150 Crimplene Seed Lifestyle Yeah Yeah Noh
151 The Devil Goes To Whitley Bay Janitors
152 Life's A Bitch Bomb Party
153 Wo Wo Wo Braille Party
154 Jilted John Jilted John
155 Draining The Pool For You Go Betweens

Download it here as a folder (with separated tracks) or here (as a Sexyloser - Megamix, all in one go).

Good stuff, I'm sure you agree. If you are interested in more of these tapes, just let me know.

And sorry for the crap tracklisting above, I just copied/pasted from the original excel - sheet .. couldn't really be arsed to write all that down properly. Also it's the music that counts, isn't it?

Off to the couch now for another hour before I have to head for an induction session at Little Loser's primary school of choice, not really something I would personally have chosen to spend my forenoon with, but there you are .... also my ears ring again and I feel dizzy. Will this ever end?



PS: if you prefer those tapes with Peel bragging along, go search for them on the Peel Wiki: years ago I sent them over to Steve in South Korea and he has got up to # 65 so far ...