Thursday, September 29, 2011

I want one of those for Christmas!!!

Dearest friends,

I know that most of you all sit around already, doing nothing else but contemplating about what you might possibly could get me for Christmas: there is no need to waste your time any longer, folks, because, yes, I felt your desperation and will herewith help you out of your misery!! Just spend a little bit of your money in visiting and get me one of those, please:

Now, isn't that neat indeed? The best record in the history of the whole world ever, but measuring almost four times the original size of the single at 27"/68 cm square. And, even better, just like the original single you can select the sleeve to be in blue, pink, green or yellow. The lucky chap pictured above, by the way, is Don Letts, D.J., musician and film-maker ('Westway To The World')..

But, as you might already have gathered, there is a catch in this, as it so often is the case in life: those imbecile villains want 380,- (!!) quid for the item, can you believe that to be true?! That's 440,- Euros for the rest of Europe .... and the weak Pound doesn't help a great deal here!

Then again I know that you all love me to no degree and that you, contrary to me, are all loaded anyway, so just leave a comment when you bought me one of those for Christmas and I'll provide you with an adress where you can send it to .... and, before I forget, I'd like to have a yellow one, okay?

Here's the tune:

mp3: The Clash - '(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais' (S CBS 6383, June 16th 1978)

... and, because I know it will meet with your approval, a version you probably don't hear all that often:

mp3: The Clash - '(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais' (live at The Orpheum in Boston, USA, 07.09.82)

Cheers .... and thanks beforehand,