Saturday, October 25, 2014

R.I.P. John

Hello friends,

10 years ago today I was honeymooning in Jamaica, more precisely we were driving in a rented Jeep from Negril up to Port Antonio, enjoying the South Coast, the sun and ourselves. The radio in the car was a shabby old thing and the reception was poor at its best times.

Things improved when approaching Kingston, and the variety of stations you could choose from increased. We found one which had a tonful of good music, Joy Divison came up and The Cure were played amongst others, so a good time was had by all.

Nevertheless I had to stop on Washington Boulevard, because by then I had found out why it was that this music was played. It must have been rather a strange sight for the natives passing by to see a grown man sitting in a Jeep crying like a baby ...

Within the last ten years musicwise my life has not been the same, therefore I won't offer any music to you today, instead a little something from an answering machine, recorded yesterday or so ten years ago:

John Peel phone call from Peru (mp3)

Take care,


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Robster - "Medicine & Health"

Hello friends,

and yes, here comes the next request in my little series of being too kind to you all. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about: lately I found so much enjoyment in working with this mixer I downloaded that I decided to offer to you to make your very own little mix ... you choose the topic, I choose the tunes!

A few people have responded so far, one of them being The Robster who runs one of the best blogs I know, "Is This the Life?". I can only very strongly recommend that you visit his site on a daily basis, his posts and musical choices are of outstanding quality!

Therefore I was very pleased when The Robster wrote in as thus:

"I work in the largest Hospital in Wales. So how about some medical/health related tunes/artists?"

Your will is my command, mate, so I hope you like what I found for you ... enjoy:

Would be neat to know via a few comments whether I am the only one who thinks that this was indeed absolutely super!
Thanks .... and get well soon!


Robster wrote in, saying:

May I offer by way of bonus tracks:
'Auto-Surgery' by Therapy?
'He Who Would Valium Take' by Half Man Half Biscuit
and anything by Clinic

Well, of course you may and here you are:

mp3: Therapy? - 'Auto-Surgery' ('93)
mp3: Half Man Half Biscuit - 'He Who Would Valium Take' ('97)
mp3: Clinic - 'The Return Of Evil Bill' ('00)

Second edit:

Just realized Brian had some fine suggestions as well in the comments section:

Dirk, I'm beginning to understand why you enjoy this so much. A couple of hospital tunes...
Take Me Down to the Hospital by the Replacements, Rock 'N' Roll Drummer Straight From The Hospy-Tel by Jonathan Richman

mp3: Replacements - 'Take Me Down To The Hospital' ('96)
mp3: Jonathan Richman - 'Rock 'n' Roll Drummer Straight From The Hospy-Tel' ('83)



Sunday, October 19, 2014

Brian - "Soft"

Hello friends,

and yes, dear readers, the requests for these little mixes keep flooding in, Brian from the ever-wonderful Linear Tracking Lives! - blog wrote in saying:

"OK, here is my theme. "Soft." In particular, I would like to hear what your favorite songs were when a particularly loud post-punk band pulled off turning it down."

Now this was not an easy task, Brian! Thank God he re-confirmed to me in a second mail that also punk bands (hence post-punk bands) were allowed to feature.  So all of the below are rather "big" names from the punk era and all of them are commonly known to do rather rowdy stuff normally. At least I would think this is the case, because naturally I don't know all of each band's output. But the majority of their work is quite loud, I would think, so they deserved to get included. See what you make out of it, Brian, I do hope you like what I chose for you .... so enjoy:

"Soft" (mp3)

Take good care,


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Walter - "Cities"

Hello friends,

the next request came from Walter who lives in the Southern part of Germany. He runs a very fine blog as well, called "A Few Good Times In My Life": another one I can only highly recommend to you, shouldn't you know it already, because, unlike me, Walter really does offer a great variety of styles to choose from. Have a look, it's really worth it!

Here's what he had to say: "and here is my request: I would like to have a mix with songs with names of cities in it.". No problem at all, my friend, here you are. Enjoy:

Now, wasn't that absolutely super? Please let me know whether it met with your approval, Walter! Also, whilst searching for the tunes in my library, I found out that could have done a great mix with songs with federal states in the title, 'Texas' in particular! But he wanted cities, so he got cites and cities only! Perhaps one of these days ....

All the best,