Saturday, February 28, 2015

"The Girls' Tapes - Help Wanted!"

Hello friends,

you won't believe me how glad I am about the amount of comments I received for this 'Girls' Tapes' - thingy! This series really seems to have struck a chord with at least one or two of you and I am really happy that this was the case.

One or two of you seem to have developed a certain feeling for Heidi and of course I can only congratulate you for your excellent taste! She really was a cute girl, that's for sure!

Nonetheless - after all those years - I think that Iris' tape is the best one of the bulk and since I've started this series I listened to it again more or less constantly. But I have a Problem and am in real despair: there is no inlay. I would like to say 'there is no inlay any longer', but knowing Iris I'm pretty sure that there wasn't one 26 years ago when I got the tape!

Either way, I managed to find out about all of the songs by the lyrics (thanks, Google!), only one is missing and this DRIVES ME FUCKING NUTS!!!

So please please please listen to it and tell me the title and whom it's by, will you?

As soon as I have the answer, I will compile and re-do the tape in high quality and put it online here: it will surely be a gem, I can tell you!

There is only one hint I can give you: all the songs on the tape are 80's tunes, the newest two coming from 1989. Which perfectly matches with my memory of when having received said tape. In other words: the song can't have been released after 1989, I would think ... 1990 perhaps, but this highly unlikely.

Here's the tune in question:

Believe me, please: I've tried to google the lyrics a thousand times by now - that's as far as I was able to understand them: what turns away it's grace' ("Monday movie"?) and 'what has gone' ("car-shed"?) I still don't know ....

Kind regards and eternal felicitude from your obedient servant,


P.S: as mentioned before I have of course noticed that one or two of you thought I were making of all this Girls' Tapes - series up: let me tell you that this certainly was not the case!! All of the girls existed in real life, not only in my imagination.

And in order to submit evidence, here's a picture of me with four of the girls, which, I'm sure, will make you doubting Thomases shut up forever:
f.l.t.r: Claudia, Petra, me, Anette, Lydia: picture taken at a local quarry pond, ca. 1989.