Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cool T-Shirt for free? Well, why not!

Hello dear friends,

the wonderful world of blogs is rather small, I just found out. But effective, I hope. I started with reading what my friend JC aka The Vinyl Villain had to say today, then I went from his bloglist to the wonderful Postpunk where I found a link to this great site, 3D Supply. Now, they pretend to give a t-shirt out of their huge and most impressive collection away for free, that's as long as you write something nice about it on your blog. Which I'm doing right now obviously, so I hope the friendly people at 3D Supply read this and after having done so they send out the shirt to me .... right in time before I leave for my holiday later this month!

This is the shirt I chose ...

... and for those of you whose German is not good enough: it's all about vinyl and cassettes, which is fair enough for me, old fashioned as I am.

Well, let's hope 3D Supply keep their promise, because the shirt is dead cool indeed!

I'll keep you informed as soon as it arrives!

Cheerio for now,