Friday, August 3, 2012

Holiday Post

Hola friends,

we'll be off to the North German coast tomorrow morning for a week and earlier today I finished putting together a very nice CD which we can listen to on the four hour drive. You see, my wife's musical taste doesn't exactly cope with mine, to put it mildly. So in order not be forced to listen to boring crap on the radio and/or the entire fucking Tote Hosen back catalogue or ludicrous nonsense by slim white guys sounding as if they were currently being crucified, I now have my own little CD. Put together in a bit of a rush, I admit, but nevertheless I'll be enjoying it a great deal, I'm sure. The same will be true for Little Loser (still three, four in September), because - much to the dismay of Mrs Loser - it continues a tune he currently likes a lot and it always puts a smile on my face when he imitates the title, which is:

'Olga, I Cannot' (Toy Dolls, 1985) - mp3

Great stuff throughout and I listened to a fair bit of old Toy Dolls stuff recently. I mean, I already did so some 25 years ago, but what never occured to me until today is what a marvellous guitar player Olga is in fact. Apparently I'm not alone in this, as to be seen on Wikipedia: "Olga plays a yellow Fender Telecaster with a Seymour Duncan bridge pick up, he is recognized as a virtuoso guitar player and in 2007 was voted number 1 Punk Guitarist in the international Punk Polls.
He was even quoted as being the best guitarist on the planet in The Guitar Magazine and the All Music Guide describes Olga as being a guitar hero "capable of jaw-droppingly fast guitar picking"."

Enjoy. The tune and your own holidays. Should you (still) have any.