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My Peel Tapes: Part 23

Hello friends,

welcome to this episode of 'My Peel Tapes'. We find ourselves in 1992 by now and I really do think that the below is well worth downloadable .... some killer tunes for you, promised!

(215) Southern Culture On The Skids - 'Viva Del Santo!' (mp3). I'm a bit astonished, I must admit, that I never received any requests from you people for tracks by Mexican Wrestlers. But, because I'm such a nice chap, I act before you do and play you this little gem from a 7" EP on Zonta Records from Athens, Georgia, as I understood it, at least on this version Santo himself (some kind of cult figure down there in Mexico apparently) somehow was involved in the making/recording of the tune. It was re-issued in 1996 on the 'Santo Swings!' album on Estrus Records. A real treat, that's for sure!

(216) Cheater Slicks - 'Cheater Slicks' (mp3). Now, a little explanation for this and for the next three tunes is necessary here, I think: back in 1992 the wonderful Estrus Records released a very nice boxed compilation with three 7" singles (and a few gimmicks, cover done by the mighty Coop) called 'The Estrus Gearbox', all songs- as you might imagine - dedicated to motor racing: "12 revved-up bands on a thrill-mad rampage!" it reads on the cover and this is not far away from the truth. I remember that Peel played almost all of the tracks and quite rightly so, because they're all extraordinary good. Rather hard to decide which ones to play to you, but I think I'll follow Cheater Slicks with:

(217) The M-80's - '57' Nomad' (mp3). Brilliant as well, isn't it? Nearly as good as:

(218) The Mortals - 'Nitroglycerin' (mp3). Oh boy, the way this guy freaks out at the end is simply unbelievable!! But perhaps you prefer this one:

Venerate me utterly for these four killer tunes, people, I really do think I deserve it!!

[upon request:
Fastbacks - 'Hot Rods To Heaven'
Gas Huffer - 'Road Runnah'
Huevos Rancheros - 'Burrito Grande Prix'
Mono Men - 'Warm Piston'
Marble Orchard - 'Nova '69'
Muffs - 'Brand New Chevy'
Nomads - 'Boss Hoss'
Untamed Youth - 'SS 396']

(220) I, Ludicrous - 'We Stand Around' (mp3). Nothing to do with motor racing whatsoever, here come I, Ludicrous, who are, together with Half Man Half Biscuit, the elite of brilliant british lyrics. And if noone else will like this, I know that my friend J.C. will do. Not quite as 'rowdy' as their debut LP featured in it's entirety further down on this sexy site, but nevertheless awesome. A 4-track 7" on Eiswürfel Tonträger from Germany, 1992. More on I, Ludicrous here.

(221) New Fast Automatic Daffodils - 'It's Not What You Know' (mp3). Man, I think I haven't listened to this since the day I bought the record it's on, which is, in fact, a single (which I don't have), but also on their 'Body Exit Mind' album on Play It Again Sam Records from 1992. And I must admit I really forgot how good they were. They were different, back then, you see, different to most of the bands of that time. Although being associated with the 'Madchester' scene, they were always a bit different, I don't know how to describe it properly. Especially their work prior to the LP was really good: 'Lions' ('89) and 'Big' ('90) are just a few tunes to mention here.

(222) The Moles - 'What's The New Mary Jane' (mp3). A song that grows on you, I'm willing to have a small bet ... and no, this has nothing to do with The Beatles' song of the same name. The Moles split up one year after the 1992 release of the double - 7" this track is taken from, a very fine package from Ringers Lactate Records from the USA. I'm ashamed to say that this basically is all I can tell you about The Moles, if you try to do it yourself you will be able to confirm that it is not easy to ascertain any information about them on the internet ....

(223) Link Wray & The Raymen - 'Batman' (mp3). Originally released as a 7" on Swan in 1966 (and no, I don't have a copy), this fantastic cover of the Neil Hefti tune features Bobby Howard as Robin. I know a lot of purists say that this record isn't comparable to 'the real Link Wray', but I don't give a damn: it's bloody good and I still love to listen to it at immense volume! I have it on a nice 7" on Norton Records from Canada, released in 1995.

(224) Flophouse - 'Right Now' (mp3). Another obscure masterpiece, if you want. But again another one which I can't get tired of listening to. There is a ceratin 'hook' in it, which makes me love it forever and forever. The singer is excellent and she manages to send shivers down my spine, I must say .... just the way it should be, if you ask me! But judge for yourself and listen to it ... this track really is a belter! Again a 7", this time on Harp Records in the USA, 1991.

(225) The Cranberries - 'Dreams' (mp3). Okay, before you move on to #226 and think to yourself: 'Now Sexyloser is really lost!': wait for a second, okay?!! I know that The Cranberries are not a band which should be seriously considered. I know they are not 'indie' at all and most probably multi-millionaires by now. But - believe it or not - this track is rather well done (especially when it all 'breaks down' at the end) and I must admit I still like listening to it today. From their debut album 'Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We', released in 1993 and also on a 7", a pre-release, I assume, from 1992 on Island Records. Give it a chance, folks, it really is worth it!

(226) Loudon Wainwright III - 'A Father And A Son' (mp3). A mighty song from Loudon's 'History' album from 1992. Do you feel he speaks to you? Well, to me he does, most certainly. Alas Mrs Loser and me are not able to have children, but this song would give me something to think about if we had any ....

(227) New Fast Automatic Daffodils - 'Stockholm' (mp3). Sorry, I can't resist, friends: I've been humming to 'It's Not What You Know' all day long, therefore I thought I should offer more from the aforementioned 'Body Exit Mind' album: here's 'Stockholm' ... a place I never have been to. Do you?

(228) The Pete Best Beatles - 'Alamein Train' (mp3). One of my absolute all-time favourites ever, already released back in 1984, but Peel played it again in 1992. From a 7" called 'Sounds For The Sophisticated Cabaret Music Lover' on Strine Music from Australia, a much treasured item here at Sexyloser's. Clever and funny lyrics, a perfect rhythm and a neat guitar .... could you possibly ask for more in a song? Picture of the Camberwell to Alamein railway track here, if you are interested *smile* ...

[upon request:
Mudhoney - 'Blinding Sun']
(229) Sonic Youth - 'Youth Against Facism' (mp3). As I pointed out previously, I never cared very much for Sonic Youth, but any anti-fascist song is alright with me, so there you are. And, I have to admit, it's not bad at all. Again taken from the 1992 album 'Dirty' on DGC.

[upon request:
Mudhoney - 'I'm Spun']

(230) Chumbawamba - 'Behave!' (mp3). Another one from the 'Shhh!' - LP on Southern Records. Again a fantastic tune which I most likely will still listen to in 20 years' time and think to myself: "Someone's always telling you how to behave ... when you're a child, it's your parents and when you're a parent, it's your children ..."

I hope you liked this episode of 'My Peel Tapes', friends. A wide variety of tunes, I would think, something for each member of the family to enjoy!

Drop a note if you liked it. D'you know what? Even drop a note if this was not the case ....

All the very best,


Some Of The Best There Ever Has Been: '1982', Pt. 2

Dear friends,
very kindly my good pal J.C. aka The Vinyl Villain (please follow this link and have a look at his site, it's well worth a visit anytime) provided me with a ~4mb - file of the Wild Swans' track mentioned in Pt. 1. Of course I won't hesitate to pass it on to you now, because it surely is a highlight of 1982. The same is of course true for Orange Juice's 'Felicity', therefore you'll get that as well, because J.C. won't post it when he comes to 1982. The reason is, and I overread that, I admit, he won't post stuff for the series he already had posted before.

The Wild Swans - 'Revolutionary Spirit' (mp3)

Take care,

Monday, September 22, 2008

Some Of The Best There Ever Has Been: '1982'

Dearest friends,

I can't tell you how pleased I was to read this article on my good pal J.C.'s site 'The Vinyl Villain'.
Of course I have nothing at all against your little mind robbery, J.C., in fact I do hope that you continue with the series. Moreover I think you're entirely right: doing it NOT in chronological order could turn out to be even more funnier, therefore I'll steal YOUR idea and won't continue with '1977', but '1982' instead. Enjoy these gems, folks, they mean a lot to me:

(1) 10.000 Maniacs - 'Anthem For Doomed Youth' (mp3)

(2) Attila The Stockbroker - 'Flappin' In The Wind' (live Kingston Poly)

(3) B-Movie - 'Nowhere Girl' (extended version)

(4) Culture - 'Lion Rock' (Peel Session Version)

(5) The Jam - 'Town Called Malice'

(6) The Valley Girls - 'Marina Men'

Two important songs from this year are missing, as you will already have detected: The Wild Swans' 'Revolutionary Spirit' (Google Groups won't allow me to upload files bigger than 10mb) and Orange Juice's 'Felicity' (I'm absolutely sure J.C. will give this one to us as soon as he comes to 1982 ...).

Thanks very much to all of you who have responded so far to the previous post(s): you put a smile on my face, people!



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Some Of The Best There Ever Has Been...: '1976'

Hello my lovelies,

if you've read what I had to say about the songs I posted for the 'My Peel Tapes' - series below, you will perhaps have recognised that I was - and am - not totally convinced by all of the tracks featured. This of course lies in the nature of the concept (which basically is posting songs Peel played on his programmes in (more or less) chronological order), I could well argue ... and I wouldn't even lie to you. But because Mrs. Loser is busy with a whole bunch of her friends downstairs in the living room and I have quite some time to kill, I thought to myself: why don't I play these blighters some tracks I really LOVE & ADORE ... instead of tunes which I more or less 'just like'?!

So, hopefully, this is the start of a new series on Sexyloser, one I will call 'Some Of The Best There Ever Has Been ...' ... and because I'm kind of a geek for this, I will put the tunes in a chronoligical order as well, in other words, choose my absolutely favourite songs from a specific year.

My choices, I'm afraid, could well turn out to be pretty much anything from Punk or Reggae to New Wave or Powerpop. It could turn out to be one song only or a handful of tunes, this will depend on what the music in the specific year meant to me. But one thing I should make absolutely clear: it's all time - favourites only, songs which never in my life I will stop listening to with immense pleasure. Most of the tunes will be commonly known to a lot of you, but perhaps there are people out there who never heard one of them and share my thoughts upon the brilliance of it. And if such a thing happens, then I'm lucky. This is all I want, you see .... it would be very nice of you if you could let me know if such a thing happens .... you know, when you go 'Wooooah .... that's fucking great: I've never heard that!!' and/or 'Wooooah .... that's fucking great: I haven't heard that for ages!!'

I won't bore you with details about the various songs. In the end I would just be able to tell the same thing: which is how much I fucking love the song. So: leave comments, ask for more information, force me to play more if you think a band you heard is cool enough for you. Okay? Okay!

So here are my favourites from 1976:

I hope you were dancing like mad to all of the five songs, friends. As I said: if you found them as attractive as I do, please let me know it ....



My Peel Tapes: Part 22

Hello nice people,

in his comment on My Peel Tapes Pt. 21 Duncandonut said that he had thrown his tape deck away and regrets this very fact. Well, believe it or not, today I finally found the time to connect my old tape deck to my computer, which means that I now have the chance to choose from a greater variety of tracks (some 300 tapes of John Peel's Music on BFBS in fact). Of course I will keep the chronological order, but now I could play each of the ~ 25 songs of the specific tape instead of having to choose from the ones I have on vinyl or CD. This of course means as well that the sound quality might be worse on a few tracks, but - as Peel always said - 'life has surface noise as well'. So there you are ..... with:

(201) Revolver - 'Venice' (mp3). A 7" on Hut Records from 1991, their third release. There ain't much I can tell you about Revolver, but this track really rocks, I always thought! Very much in the tradition of the '91-'92 area, quite typical for what British bands did back then .... and there's nothing wrong with that, I would think! Have a look at the Wikipedia entry for them, if you like. Here it is ...

(202) Adorable - 'Sunshine Smile' (mp3). In a similar vein here come Adorable. I think one can tell that the main difference between them and - for example - Revolver is that they recorded for Creation Records, the single was released in 1992 although it was written a year earlier for another label who refused to release it. Quite why is a mystery to me, because I think it's one of the great records out of all this 'Shoegazing' - nonsense - time. I've said this before but I'll say it again: 'labelling' bands - as people did back then - when a band was either 'Shoegazing' or not - is never a good thing to do, I think. It helps noone apart from the self-important bastards who can show their female friends how fucking clever they are when they drop lines like 'you know, when I first heard them, they were really shoegazing!' Stupid nonsense, if you ask me, just like being Grunge or not being Grunge ....

(203) The Jam - 'And Your Bird Can Sing' (mp3). A very nice version of the old Beatles - favourite and recorded for a demo session at Polydor Studios in London in April 1980. You can find it, amongst other goodies, on a CD called 'Extras', released in 1992 on Polydor Records. Nice fan site here ....

(204) Little Annie - 'I Think Of You' (mp3). Well, she used to be 'Little Annie Anxiety Bandez' or 'Annie Anxiety' and perhaps you'll know her from her collaboration with the industrial band Coil. Here, on this 12" on On-U Sound Productions from 1992, she's decided to abbreviate herself to 'Little Annie' .... and it's entirely up to her, isn't it? Rather a nice track and good to hear again after quite a few years ....

(205) DAF - 'Goldenes Spielzeug' (mp3). Virgin Records 1981: the grandfathers of techno, if you like. I have a book about the German Punk/wave scene in the very early 80's, where the author lets bands out of that area speak and they tell the reader about what 'really happened', you know. One bloke out of DAF, or 'Deutsch-Amerikanische-Freundschaft', if you'd rather, tells in lengthy detail about the time when they went to London (after having had no success whatever here in Germany) and under which circumstances they lived and worked there. Even if this is only halfway true, they must have had a fucking hard time indeed over there, that's for sure!

(206) The Oblivion Seekers - 'No Depression' (mp3). I'm sure you all will know the song by heart, at least the Carter Family fans of you - which, I'm willing to have a small bet, should be the majority of you - will do. From a very fine LP (self-titled) from 1992 on T/K Records from Portland, Oregon. I don't know whether they are still alive or whatever became of them and I can't find any information on the internet alas.

(207) A House - 'More Endless Art' (mp3). In 'Endless Art', which preceeded this one here, they listed blokes who had done constructive things for the planet over the years. In order to set the balance straight again, they continued with women. On Parlophone from 1992.

[upon request:
Ride - 'Chrome Waves']

(208) Blood On The Saddle - 'Baptist Church Blues' (mp3). From their 1987 'Fresh Blood' - LP on SST. Again a killer track (but now I really do honestly mean it!!) from one of the finest bands in the States. Especially their even earlier stuff is brilliant (e.g. 'I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again'). Turn it up good and loud, people!

(209) The 5, 6, 7 & 8's - 'Motor Cycle Go-Go-Go!' (mp3). From a compilation CD of theirs on Rockville called 'Can't Help It!!', released in 1992, although the track itself derives from 1989. Three women and one bloke from Tokyo and again: especially fine, if you ask me! And should you wish to catch them live: they're rocking the Shibuya Ax in Tokyo tomorrow, September 20th! Now those of you how moan about me being not up to date should keep quiet forever!

(210) X-Mal Deutschland - 'Incubus Succubus' (mp3). A goth classic and in fact the second release from X-Mal Deutschland for Alfred Hilsberg's legendary Zick Zack Label back in 1982. Not very much later they went to 4AD and opened for The Stranglers, if memory serves correctly ...

(211) Sonic Youth - '100%' (mp3). A 1992 7" on Geffen Records and a very fine release in my view. I think I mentioned that before, but I was (and still am, in fact) never quite sure whether to love or to hate Sonic Youth. But this record is okay and therefore you'll even get the B-Side as well:

(212) Sonic Youth - 'Crème Brûlée' (mp3). Equally good. I think. Both tracks can be found on the LP 'Dirty', by the way.

(213) Bulkhead - 'Virginia Plain' (mp3). Another old song, as a matter of fact, but done in a more modern style. Bulkhead's reading of the Roxy Music favourite and a real corker, that's for sure, so better watch out, Bryan Ferry! Alas I can only tell you very little about them apart from the fact that they came from Melrose, Massachusetts, I suppose it was some kind of a throwaway track on a single of theirs on Homestead Records from 1992.

(214) Billy Bragg - 'Accident Waiting To Happen' (mp3). Okay, I'll leave you today with this one from good old Billy Bragg, who played in Cologne again one week ago, but I'm ashamed to say I didn't go to see him. Next time, Billy, promised! From his seminal 'Don't Try This At Home' album on Cooking Vinyl Records from 1991. One of his finest recordings ever!

I hope you were pleased with what I selected for you, dear friends. Just tell me what you thought of it, please, as you might imagine your responses keep this blog running ... or not, eventually.

Have fun,


I Don't Wanna Be No Drama Queen No More ...

Hi friends,

read the comment down below from Anonymous to find out that he is a very wise guy indeed: I should indeed stop my crying and do what he says .... because he's entirely right: so, Anonymous: thank you, mate, this was exactly what I needed, I think!! Well done!

So, acting under orders if you like, here are The Mekons with their second single from 1978 on Fast Product. A killer song indeed, thanks for pointing me to it, Anonymous.

The Mekons - 'Where Were You?' (mp3)

And because you managed to point me into the right direction again, Anonymous, here's something by The Mekons which you might not know yet:

The Mekons - 'Help Me Make It Through The Night' (mp3). This was recorded live at The Cellar Bar in Thames Poly Students Union in London, either in 1984 or early 1985. For Mekons-completists only, you might argue, but I hope it meets with your approval, Anonymous.

And by the way, man: it's Dirk. Not Kirk.

Take care nevertheless,


Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Peel Tapes - Part 21

Hello dear friends,

I'm not in the mood to write very much today, sorry for that. Furthermore I live under the impression that noone is reading this anyway, so why should I bother? So it is necessary background information only, for the rest have a look at the links, okay?

(188) Hole - 'Teenage Whore' (mp3). Well, apparently Courtney Love is a very nice and friendly woman, Peel said on his BFBS programmes more than on one occassion. He once told a story where she took care of his children at the backstage of a festival, made little drawings for them and all in all they must have had a very good time altogether. Rather hard to believe upon the evidence of this track, a 12" on City Slang Records from 1991. Link.
(189) P.J. Harvey - 'Dress' (mp3). I'll never forget when Polly still wasn't very well known, you know, Peel played her first recordings, but that was about it. And then, not very much later, I went to London and there were posters of her all over the Tube. Rather shocking, I must admit ... but then again much deserved. From her LP 'Dry', although I took it from a Rough Trade - compilation CD from 1992. Link.

[upon request:
Farm - 'Mind']

(190) Stereolab - 'Super-Electric' (mp3). Stereolab's first release for Too Pure Records was this 10" from 1991. Rather a nice record and I might think it could even bring some money in, should someone out there want to buy it. I always had mixed feelings about Stereolab ... there are a few songs I really liked, but to be absolutely frank to you: the majority of their tunes I disliked. Link.

(191) Thousand Yard Stare - '0-0 a.e.t.' (mp3). A strange title and should you wonder what it could possibly mean, it's 'nil-nil (or no goals) after extra time'. From the band's 'Seasonstream' - EP on Aard from 1991. Link.

(192) Teenage Fanclub - 'The Concept' (mp3). Another 12" from 1991, this time on Creation Records. Link.

[upon request:
John Cooper Clarke - 'Suspended Sentence']

(193) The Would Be's - 'My Radio Sounds Different In The Dark' (mp3). As mentioned previously, I regard the Would Be's as being especially wonderful, therefore I don't have a problem to post so many tunes of theirs here. There's even one more to come further below! From their 'Wonderful' - EP on Decoy Records from 1991.

(194) The Kingswoods - 'Purty Vacant' (mp3). Originally released as a 7" back in 1983, this wonderful tune is featured on the CD 'Fabriclive 07: John Peel', which I recommend to you without reservation. Full of good stuff which Peel played at a gig/gigs at The Fabric. It should still be easily available at Ebay or Amazon for little money, so do yourself a favour and get your hands on it, okay?

(195) The Raymen - 'Buzzsaw Baby Of The Hollywood Hills' (mp3). One of my all-time favourites. A great voice, a great sleeve, a great record. The Raymen came from Germany, although this 7" was released on The Giant Claw Record Label from Australia in 1990. A much treasured item, you can believe me! Link.

[upon request:
Pixies - 'I Can't Forget']

(196) Chumbawamba - 'Look! No Strings!' (mp3). Another band where I can't cope with everything they did, but I think they have made a few absolutely outstanding songs ('This Girl' for example ...). This is but one of them, from their 'Shhh' - LP on Southern Records from 1991. Link.

(197) Bleach - 'Complete Control' (mp3). From a compilation on Released Emotions Records from 1991. All in all a rather boring piece, I must admit, Bleach's contribution isn't bad at all though. 'The Neverending Story' is the title of the album and it brings together some folks who want to keep up the faith of The Clash. Not an easy thing to do, I admit, but perhaps the chaps at Released Emotions better should have invited pure straightforward punk bands for this mission.
Then again: perhaps it's just that I love The Clash's originals too much to accept the versions that are presented on this album ... who knows? Link.

(198) The Ukrainians - 'Chertez Richku, Cherez Hai' (mp3). The Wedding Present, Ladies & Gentlemen, in their Ukrainian phase. Well, Peter Solowka out of the Wedding Present only actually. It started out as a joke, I think, but they released quite a lot of stuff as The Ukrainians. This track can be found on one of those Cooking Vinyl samplers, the 'Mixed & Budget' one it is, in fact. From 1991, as you may have already guessed, originally featured on their first self-titled LP. Link.

[upon request:
Fall - 'Totally Wired']

(199) The Would Be's - 'I'm Hardly Ever Wrong' (mp3). No, I won't start again and tell you how brilliant the Would Be's were. This is their first single, a 7" on Decoy from 1990. A masterpiece!

(200) Slowdive - 'Catch The Breeze' (mp3). 1991 was a good year for Creation Records, I think, 'cos here's the next release from the label, another 7". Link.
I hope at least a few of you enjoyed the above. Leave requests, friends, and take good care: next time I'll be back at a 100%, I hope!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Peel Tapes: Part 20

And yes, dearest friends, welcome to No. 20 of 'My Peel Tapes'. Without further bragging along ... enjoy:

(172) Happy Mondays - 'Loose Fit' (mp3). Well, I posted tracks from the seminal 1988 'Bummed' - LP in previous editions of 'My Peel Tapes'. But we're in 1990/1991 currently and The Happy Mondays have released their 'Pills, Thrills And Bellyaches' album on Factory Records, from which this track is taken. 'Loose Fit' actually was one out of three tracks which were released as a single, the other two were 'Step On' and 'Kinky Afro'.

(173) Curve - 'Ten Little Girls' (mp3). Originally taken from the band's 'Blindfold' - EP from 1991, their debut release on Anxious Records. Again, I took another one of these 'Indie Top 20' double albums out in order to provide with you with the tune. Full Curve discography can be found here. Also I highly recommend to google the image of Toni Halliday, the singer with Curve .... what a goddess, oh boy!!

(174) The Farm - 'Hearts And Minds' (mp3). Another example of rather a fine band whose work gets blown away by just one song (which, by and large, isn't that good after all): 'All Together Now'. I mean, they deserved the success they had with it, but if you listen to the whole album 'Spartacus' (Sire Records, 1991) you will quickly find out that there is more to it than this one song.

[upon request:
Charlatans - 'Over Rising']

(175) The Popguns - 'Still A World Away' (mp3). One of my all-time favourites! I really can't describe to you why it is that I love this tune the way I do ... of course Wendy Morgan's voice is indispensable, that's out of question, but in addition to this the song has an energy that makes me (try to) sing along with it every fucking time I hear it .... and you may well believe me that I listened to it numerous times since it first came out back in 1991 as a 12" on Midnight Music. It was also included on their 'Snog' - LP in the same year, an album which I can highly recommend. More on The Popguns here.

[upon request:
Farm - 'Very Emotional'
Farm - 'Don't Let Me Down']

(176) Pete Wylie - 'Sinful' (mp3). Not to be confused with the 1991 version of the song Pete did together with The Farm, this here is the original from 1986, a single on Virgin Records. A neat track and a fine follow-up to the magical tunes he'd written for all the various outfits of Wah! Pete Wylie's homepage is here.

(177) 10.000 Maniacs - 'Scorpio Rising' (mp3). An oldie but goodie from one of the best bands ever to come from New York. From their second full-length album from 1985, 'The Wishing Chair' (Elektra Records). A nice collection of photos from 1981 onwards can be found here, the Wikipedia entry for 10.000 Maniacs is here. If you want to do yourself a favour, please invest a few Pounds, Dollars or Euros, should you see one of their earlier releases in the second-hand bin in your local record store .... you can't go wrong with either of the records!

[upon request:
Chapterhouse - 'Pearl']

(178) The Ruts - 'You're Just A ...' (mp3). From the session the band did in May 1979 for John Peel, this session was originally released as a 12" in Strange Fruit's Peel Session - series in 1986 and later, in 1990 in fact, included in 'The Peel Sessions Album', which, as the titles tells us, brought together all the sessions The Ruts did for Peel. For me, being a 40 year old fat and boring twerp, it's rather hard to imagine that people exist who read my essays here who are too young to know anything essential about bands from the Punk Era .... and this is not meant offensively at all. For those people, here's a bit more on The Ruts. Ah, and on John Peel as well...

(179) The Bridewell Taxis - 'Give In' (mp3). After 'Just Good Friends' and 'Honesty' we have this little gem, another single from The Bridewell Taxis from Leeds, on Stolen Records from 1990. I still have an old video of theirs and I think I'll watch that again on the weekend .... after quite some years, I'm ashamed to say. A perfect band, that's for sure!

(180) Terry Edwards - 'The Hardest Walk' (mp3). You will - or better should - know Terry Edwards as a member of the famous Higsons from Norwich. Here he's on his own, with a bunch of very fine covers of Jesus And Mary Chain - tunes. A bit later he had a go at songs by The Fall, by the way, worth tracking down as well. On a 12" called 'Terry Edwards Plays The Music Of Jim and William Reid' on Stim Productions from 1991.

(181) The Pixies - 'Planet Of Sound' (mp3). The first single from The Pixies' fourth and final album, 'Trompe Le Monde', released in 1991 on 4AD Records. 'Bossanova', the album prior to this, was a bit 'surf-pop' (although there is nothing wrong with that, if you ask me) compared to the first two albums and indeed compared to this one. In my eyes 'Planet Of Sound' is the best track from it, so enjoy it, folks ...

(182) The Would Be's - 'Funny Ha Ha' (mp3). Oh!! The mighty mighty Would Be's!! One of the very best things Ireland ever brought to our attention, there is no question about that! They released three records in their (short) career and I'm lucky to say that I have all of them. 'Funny Ha Ha' is taken from their 1991 EP 'Silly Songs For Cynical People' on Decoy Records .... and don't be surprised when The Would Be's will crop up in quite some more editions of My Peel Tapes again in the near future. Rather hard to ascertain any information about them on the internet, therefore I can't provide you with a link, I'm afraid ...

(183) Penetration - 'Danger Signs' (mp3). The fourth single from Pauline Murray and her boys, and a very good one as well, I would like to think. On Virgin Records from 1979, and if memory serves correctly, Pauline later was somehow involved in the Invisible Girls.

[upon request:
Popguns - 'In My Head']

(184) The Telescopes - 'Flying' (mp3). You may remember their absolutely stunning 'The Perfect Needle' from 1989, if nothing else. But this here is quite nice as well, so I think, more 'laid-back', but nevertheless nice. A 12" from 1991 on Creation Records, but again taken from one of those 'Indie' - double albums.

(185) The Fall - 'Put Away' (mp3). Well, The Fall .... oh boy, you either love 'em or you hate 'em, I always hear. But that's not true, at least not for me. There are some tunes of theirs which I regard as being simply wonderful, but there are also others where I think: 'oh, that's just crap'. Either way, what I'm trying to say here is that I never understood the sheer enthusiasm that some people developed for The Fall ... and I have to include John Peel here, I'm afraid. I really wonder if he was able to judge objectively upon a new release from the band in the late 90's, bearing in mind that he liked everything they ever did ... or was he just used to like it, regardless if it was any good or not? Anyway, nothing wrong with this track though, again from a Peel Session 12" on Strange Fruit, originally recorded for the BBC in 1978.

(186) Billy Bragg - 'You Woke Up My Neighbourhood' (mp3). From his 'Dont' Try This At Home' - LP, his fourth album, relased by Cooking Vinyl Records in 1991. A must-have, but then again this is true for everything that Billy Bragg ever did ..... here's Billy's page for you to order his entire back catalogue.

(187) Pavement - 'Summer Baby' (mp3). I must admit I don't exactly know whether this is the version which was released in 1992 on Drag City Records or whether it's the slighty different 'Winter Version' which was included on the band's 'Slanted And Enchanted' - LP on Matador Records, released in 1992 as well, but distributed to journalists and DJ's already in 1991. I think it's the latter, but I can't vouch for it.
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