Friday, September 19, 2008

I Don't Wanna Be No Drama Queen No More ...

Hi friends,

read the comment down below from Anonymous to find out that he is a very wise guy indeed: I should indeed stop my crying and do what he says .... because he's entirely right: so, Anonymous: thank you, mate, this was exactly what I needed, I think!! Well done!

So, acting under orders if you like, here are The Mekons with their second single from 1978 on Fast Product. A killer song indeed, thanks for pointing me to it, Anonymous.

The Mekons - 'Where Were You?' (mp3)

And because you managed to point me into the right direction again, Anonymous, here's something by The Mekons which you might not know yet:

The Mekons - 'Help Me Make It Through The Night' (mp3). This was recorded live at The Cellar Bar in Thames Poly Students Union in London, either in 1984 or early 1985. For Mekons-completists only, you might argue, but I hope it meets with your approval, Anonymous.

And by the way, man: it's Dirk. Not Kirk.

Take care nevertheless,



Anonymous said...

Firstly my sincere apologies on getting your name wrong.The 'drama queen' comment was made because you sounded fed up with the blog, perhaps because you hadn't recieved any feedback lately.
I for one make a point(bookmarked)of dropping in here a couple of times a week because of the vast array of consistantly good music that your spending a lot of your own time posting up,for which, i thank you.
Chill out .
c.keaney(a surname that you thought was quite funny!)

JC said...

Hey Dirk.

Every blogger feels the same as you did.

When you put in a lot of hard work in and hardly anyone leaves behind comments, it does sort of feel soul-destroying. I apologise for being neglectful this past few weeks...but I've visited next to no-one which is why I've been reading stuff for the past 4 hours and now my eyes hurt!!

But shame on you for not going to see Billy in Cologne.

Dirk said...

Hey J.C.,

a guy called Michael wrote to me that the gig will be NEXT Monday, so I could still go if I wanted to. But I am still unsure what to do, I'm not convinced by what I heard from the new album. Then again, having seen BB 4 times now, I'm pretty sure that he will play loads of 'old' stuff as well (or even instead) if he's in the mood to do so ... or, even better, just talk amusing nonsense ...

Wardens World said...

Know this is an old post, but Where Were You has to be my all time favorite punk single. Bought it years ago for I think 15 bucks, now it's gone of course with the rest of my vintage punk singles. Thanks for posting it, and thanks for having such great taste -- i.e., similar to mine!