Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Peel Tapes - Part 21

Hello dear friends,

I'm not in the mood to write very much today, sorry for that. Furthermore I live under the impression that noone is reading this anyway, so why should I bother? So it is necessary background information only, for the rest have a look at the links, okay?

(188) Hole - 'Teenage Whore' (mp3). Well, apparently Courtney Love is a very nice and friendly woman, Peel said on his BFBS programmes more than on one occassion. He once told a story where she took care of his children at the backstage of a festival, made little drawings for them and all in all they must have had a very good time altogether. Rather hard to believe upon the evidence of this track, a 12" on City Slang Records from 1991. Link.
(189) P.J. Harvey - 'Dress' (mp3). I'll never forget when Polly still wasn't very well known, you know, Peel played her first recordings, but that was about it. And then, not very much later, I went to London and there were posters of her all over the Tube. Rather shocking, I must admit ... but then again much deserved. From her LP 'Dry', although I took it from a Rough Trade - compilation CD from 1992. Link.

[upon request:
Farm - 'Mind']

(190) Stereolab - 'Super-Electric' (mp3). Stereolab's first release for Too Pure Records was this 10" from 1991. Rather a nice record and I might think it could even bring some money in, should someone out there want to buy it. I always had mixed feelings about Stereolab ... there are a few songs I really liked, but to be absolutely frank to you: the majority of their tunes I disliked. Link.

(191) Thousand Yard Stare - '0-0 a.e.t.' (mp3). A strange title and should you wonder what it could possibly mean, it's 'nil-nil (or no goals) after extra time'. From the band's 'Seasonstream' - EP on Aard from 1991. Link.

(192) Teenage Fanclub - 'The Concept' (mp3). Another 12" from 1991, this time on Creation Records. Link.

[upon request:
John Cooper Clarke - 'Suspended Sentence']

(193) The Would Be's - 'My Radio Sounds Different In The Dark' (mp3). As mentioned previously, I regard the Would Be's as being especially wonderful, therefore I don't have a problem to post so many tunes of theirs here. There's even one more to come further below! From their 'Wonderful' - EP on Decoy Records from 1991.

(194) The Kingswoods - 'Purty Vacant' (mp3). Originally released as a 7" back in 1983, this wonderful tune is featured on the CD 'Fabriclive 07: John Peel', which I recommend to you without reservation. Full of good stuff which Peel played at a gig/gigs at The Fabric. It should still be easily available at Ebay or Amazon for little money, so do yourself a favour and get your hands on it, okay?

(195) The Raymen - 'Buzzsaw Baby Of The Hollywood Hills' (mp3). One of my all-time favourites. A great voice, a great sleeve, a great record. The Raymen came from Germany, although this 7" was released on The Giant Claw Record Label from Australia in 1990. A much treasured item, you can believe me! Link.

[upon request:
Pixies - 'I Can't Forget']

(196) Chumbawamba - 'Look! No Strings!' (mp3). Another band where I can't cope with everything they did, but I think they have made a few absolutely outstanding songs ('This Girl' for example ...). This is but one of them, from their 'Shhh' - LP on Southern Records from 1991. Link.

(197) Bleach - 'Complete Control' (mp3). From a compilation on Released Emotions Records from 1991. All in all a rather boring piece, I must admit, Bleach's contribution isn't bad at all though. 'The Neverending Story' is the title of the album and it brings together some folks who want to keep up the faith of The Clash. Not an easy thing to do, I admit, but perhaps the chaps at Released Emotions better should have invited pure straightforward punk bands for this mission.
Then again: perhaps it's just that I love The Clash's originals too much to accept the versions that are presented on this album ... who knows? Link.

(198) The Ukrainians - 'Chertez Richku, Cherez Hai' (mp3). The Wedding Present, Ladies & Gentlemen, in their Ukrainian phase. Well, Peter Solowka out of the Wedding Present only actually. It started out as a joke, I think, but they released quite a lot of stuff as The Ukrainians. This track can be found on one of those Cooking Vinyl samplers, the 'Mixed & Budget' one it is, in fact. From 1991, as you may have already guessed, originally featured on their first self-titled LP. Link.

[upon request:
Fall - 'Totally Wired']

(199) The Would Be's - 'I'm Hardly Ever Wrong' (mp3). No, I won't start again and tell you how brilliant the Would Be's were. This is their first single, a 7" on Decoy from 1990. A masterpiece!

(200) Slowdive - 'Catch The Breeze' (mp3). 1991 was a good year for Creation Records, I think, 'cos here's the next release from the label, another 7". Link.
I hope at least a few of you enjoyed the above. Leave requests, friends, and take good care: next time I'll be back at a 100%, I hope!


Anonymous said...

Of course we are reading your blog,stop being a 'drama queen' and post up THE MEKONS - WHERE WERE YOU? for all the youngsters out there who may never have heard one of THE finest songs ever made.

duncandonuts said...

This is one of the most interesting blogs I have read as it's covering some music I haven't been able to get ANYWHERE else. (Knew it was a mistake to bin my old tape player in a frenzy of spring cleaning!!!). Good work!