Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Peel Tapes: Part 23

Hello friends,

welcome to this episode of 'My Peel Tapes'. We find ourselves in 1992 by now and I really do think that the below is well worth downloadable .... some killer tunes for you, promised!

(215) Southern Culture On The Skids - 'Viva Del Santo!' (mp3). I'm a bit astonished, I must admit, that I never received any requests from you people for tracks by Mexican Wrestlers. But, because I'm such a nice chap, I act before you do and play you this little gem from a 7" EP on Zonta Records from Athens, Georgia, as I understood it, at least on this version Santo himself (some kind of cult figure down there in Mexico apparently) somehow was involved in the making/recording of the tune. It was re-issued in 1996 on the 'Santo Swings!' album on Estrus Records. A real treat, that's for sure!

(216) Cheater Slicks - 'Cheater Slicks' (mp3). Now, a little explanation for this and for the next three tunes is necessary here, I think: back in 1992 the wonderful Estrus Records released a very nice boxed compilation with three 7" singles (and a few gimmicks, cover done by the mighty Coop) called 'The Estrus Gearbox', all songs- as you might imagine - dedicated to motor racing: "12 revved-up bands on a thrill-mad rampage!" it reads on the cover and this is not far away from the truth. I remember that Peel played almost all of the tracks and quite rightly so, because they're all extraordinary good. Rather hard to decide which ones to play to you, but I think I'll follow Cheater Slicks with:

(217) The M-80's - '57' Nomad' (mp3). Brilliant as well, isn't it? Nearly as good as:

(218) The Mortals - 'Nitroglycerin' (mp3). Oh boy, the way this guy freaks out at the end is simply unbelievable!! But perhaps you prefer this one:

Venerate me utterly for these four killer tunes, people, I really do think I deserve it!!

[upon request:
Fastbacks - 'Hot Rods To Heaven'
Gas Huffer - 'Road Runnah'
Huevos Rancheros - 'Burrito Grande Prix'
Mono Men - 'Warm Piston'
Marble Orchard - 'Nova '69'
Muffs - 'Brand New Chevy'
Nomads - 'Boss Hoss'
Untamed Youth - 'SS 396']

(220) I, Ludicrous - 'We Stand Around' (mp3). Nothing to do with motor racing whatsoever, here come I, Ludicrous, who are, together with Half Man Half Biscuit, the elite of brilliant british lyrics. And if noone else will like this, I know that my friend J.C. will do. Not quite as 'rowdy' as their debut LP featured in it's entirety further down on this sexy site, but nevertheless awesome. A 4-track 7" on Eiswürfel Tonträger from Germany, 1992. More on I, Ludicrous here.

(221) New Fast Automatic Daffodils - 'It's Not What You Know' (mp3). Man, I think I haven't listened to this since the day I bought the record it's on, which is, in fact, a single (which I don't have), but also on their 'Body Exit Mind' album on Play It Again Sam Records from 1992. And I must admit I really forgot how good they were. They were different, back then, you see, different to most of the bands of that time. Although being associated with the 'Madchester' scene, they were always a bit different, I don't know how to describe it properly. Especially their work prior to the LP was really good: 'Lions' ('89) and 'Big' ('90) are just a few tunes to mention here.

(222) The Moles - 'What's The New Mary Jane' (mp3). A song that grows on you, I'm willing to have a small bet ... and no, this has nothing to do with The Beatles' song of the same name. The Moles split up one year after the 1992 release of the double - 7" this track is taken from, a very fine package from Ringers Lactate Records from the USA. I'm ashamed to say that this basically is all I can tell you about The Moles, if you try to do it yourself you will be able to confirm that it is not easy to ascertain any information about them on the internet ....

(223) Link Wray & The Raymen - 'Batman' (mp3). Originally released as a 7" on Swan in 1966 (and no, I don't have a copy), this fantastic cover of the Neil Hefti tune features Bobby Howard as Robin. I know a lot of purists say that this record isn't comparable to 'the real Link Wray', but I don't give a damn: it's bloody good and I still love to listen to it at immense volume! I have it on a nice 7" on Norton Records from Canada, released in 1995.

(224) Flophouse - 'Right Now' (mp3). Another obscure masterpiece, if you want. But again another one which I can't get tired of listening to. There is a ceratin 'hook' in it, which makes me love it forever and forever. The singer is excellent and she manages to send shivers down my spine, I must say .... just the way it should be, if you ask me! But judge for yourself and listen to it ... this track really is a belter! Again a 7", this time on Harp Records in the USA, 1991.

(225) The Cranberries - 'Dreams' (mp3). Okay, before you move on to #226 and think to yourself: 'Now Sexyloser is really lost!': wait for a second, okay?!! I know that The Cranberries are not a band which should be seriously considered. I know they are not 'indie' at all and most probably multi-millionaires by now. But - believe it or not - this track is rather well done (especially when it all 'breaks down' at the end) and I must admit I still like listening to it today. From their debut album 'Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We', released in 1993 and also on a 7", a pre-release, I assume, from 1992 on Island Records. Give it a chance, folks, it really is worth it!

(226) Loudon Wainwright III - 'A Father And A Son' (mp3). A mighty song from Loudon's 'History' album from 1992. Do you feel he speaks to you? Well, to me he does, most certainly. Alas Mrs Loser and me are not able to have children, but this song would give me something to think about if we had any ....

(227) New Fast Automatic Daffodils - 'Stockholm' (mp3). Sorry, I can't resist, friends: I've been humming to 'It's Not What You Know' all day long, therefore I thought I should offer more from the aforementioned 'Body Exit Mind' album: here's 'Stockholm' ... a place I never have been to. Do you?

(228) The Pete Best Beatles - 'Alamein Train' (mp3). One of my absolute all-time favourites ever, already released back in 1984, but Peel played it again in 1992. From a 7" called 'Sounds For The Sophisticated Cabaret Music Lover' on Strine Music from Australia, a much treasured item here at Sexyloser's. Clever and funny lyrics, a perfect rhythm and a neat guitar .... could you possibly ask for more in a song? Picture of the Camberwell to Alamein railway track here, if you are interested *smile* ...

[upon request:
Mudhoney - 'Blinding Sun']
(229) Sonic Youth - 'Youth Against Facism' (mp3). As I pointed out previously, I never cared very much for Sonic Youth, but any anti-fascist song is alright with me, so there you are. And, I have to admit, it's not bad at all. Again taken from the 1992 album 'Dirty' on DGC.

[upon request:
Mudhoney - 'I'm Spun']

(230) Chumbawamba - 'Behave!' (mp3). Another one from the 'Shhh!' - LP on Southern Records. Again a fantastic tune which I most likely will still listen to in 20 years' time and think to myself: "Someone's always telling you how to behave ... when you're a child, it's your parents and when you're a parent, it's your children ..."

I hope you liked this episode of 'My Peel Tapes', friends. A wide variety of tunes, I would think, something for each member of the family to enjoy!

Drop a note if you liked it. D'you know what? Even drop a note if this was not the case ....

All the very best,



Anonymous said...

Hallo Dirk

I've just discovered your blog, and I'm very happy :) I miss John Peel's radio show a lot, so looking through your posts here has been like a shot in the arm.

There aren't enough comments here for all of your hard work, but I think that will change as word gets around... Keep on keeping on!

My favourite find here so far: Andy's Babies by Lloyd Cole. Not one I've heard before - love the lyrics...

Thank you


Unknown said...

I venerate you utterly.

Unknown said...

Oh and respect also for some of the stuff released by The Cranberries. Dolores was a great singer...

Unknown said...

Oh and thank you, than you, thank you, thank you for the version of 'Behave' that I've been trying to track down for years.

The only version I have is a different one that appeared on the compilation LP 'Uneasy Listening', although the one you posted I did have on tape.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

grrrjames said...

I've been looking for the pete best beatles track for about 20 years since I lost the tape I made from John Peel back in the early '80s.

You've made a middle aged man very happy!