Friday, September 19, 2008

Some Of The Best There Ever Has Been...: '1976'

Hello my lovelies,

if you've read what I had to say about the songs I posted for the 'My Peel Tapes' - series below, you will perhaps have recognised that I was - and am - not totally convinced by all of the tracks featured. This of course lies in the nature of the concept (which basically is posting songs Peel played on his programmes in (more or less) chronological order), I could well argue ... and I wouldn't even lie to you. But because Mrs. Loser is busy with a whole bunch of her friends downstairs in the living room and I have quite some time to kill, I thought to myself: why don't I play these blighters some tracks I really LOVE & ADORE ... instead of tunes which I more or less 'just like'?!

So, hopefully, this is the start of a new series on Sexyloser, one I will call 'Some Of The Best There Ever Has Been ...' ... and because I'm kind of a geek for this, I will put the tunes in a chronoligical order as well, in other words, choose my absolutely favourite songs from a specific year.

My choices, I'm afraid, could well turn out to be pretty much anything from Punk or Reggae to New Wave or Powerpop. It could turn out to be one song only or a handful of tunes, this will depend on what the music in the specific year meant to me. But one thing I should make absolutely clear: it's all time - favourites only, songs which never in my life I will stop listening to with immense pleasure. Most of the tunes will be commonly known to a lot of you, but perhaps there are people out there who never heard one of them and share my thoughts upon the brilliance of it. And if such a thing happens, then I'm lucky. This is all I want, you see .... it would be very nice of you if you could let me know if such a thing happens .... you know, when you go 'Wooooah .... that's fucking great: I've never heard that!!' and/or 'Wooooah .... that's fucking great: I haven't heard that for ages!!'

I won't bore you with details about the various songs. In the end I would just be able to tell the same thing: which is how much I fucking love the song. So: leave comments, ask for more information, force me to play more if you think a band you heard is cool enough for you. Okay? Okay!

So here are my favourites from 1976:

I hope you were dancing like mad to all of the five songs, friends. As I said: if you found them as attractive as I do, please let me know it ....




Anonymous said...

I'm a "dancing like the rude boys"

JC said...

Great idea amigo.

I too am a dancing....

Anonymous said...

I'd only heard the Peter Murphy version of Final Solution prior to this and that was good, but Pere Ubu's version is even better!

Dirk said...

Dear Anonymous #2,

I would just LOVE to hear the P. Murphy version of 'Final Solution', so if you see any chance of providing me with it, please get in touch, okay! PS: to my best knowledge the Pere Ubu 'version' is the original, in fact!

Thanks very much,