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My Peel Tapes: Part 20

And yes, dearest friends, welcome to No. 20 of 'My Peel Tapes'. Without further bragging along ... enjoy:

(172) Happy Mondays - 'Loose Fit' (mp3). Well, I posted tracks from the seminal 1988 'Bummed' - LP in previous editions of 'My Peel Tapes'. But we're in 1990/1991 currently and The Happy Mondays have released their 'Pills, Thrills And Bellyaches' album on Factory Records, from which this track is taken. 'Loose Fit' actually was one out of three tracks which were released as a single, the other two were 'Step On' and 'Kinky Afro'.

(173) Curve - 'Ten Little Girls' (mp3). Originally taken from the band's 'Blindfold' - EP from 1991, their debut release on Anxious Records. Again, I took another one of these 'Indie Top 20' double albums out in order to provide with you with the tune. Full Curve discography can be found here. Also I highly recommend to google the image of Toni Halliday, the singer with Curve .... what a goddess, oh boy!!

(174) The Farm - 'Hearts And Minds' (mp3). Another example of rather a fine band whose work gets blown away by just one song (which, by and large, isn't that good after all): 'All Together Now'. I mean, they deserved the success they had with it, but if you listen to the whole album 'Spartacus' (Sire Records, 1991) you will quickly find out that there is more to it than this one song.

[upon request:
Charlatans - 'Over Rising']

(175) The Popguns - 'Still A World Away' (mp3). One of my all-time favourites! I really can't describe to you why it is that I love this tune the way I do ... of course Wendy Morgan's voice is indispensable, that's out of question, but in addition to this the song has an energy that makes me (try to) sing along with it every fucking time I hear it .... and you may well believe me that I listened to it numerous times since it first came out back in 1991 as a 12" on Midnight Music. It was also included on their 'Snog' - LP in the same year, an album which I can highly recommend. More on The Popguns here.

[upon request:
Farm - 'Very Emotional'
Farm - 'Don't Let Me Down']

(176) Pete Wylie - 'Sinful' (mp3). Not to be confused with the 1991 version of the song Pete did together with The Farm, this here is the original from 1986, a single on Virgin Records. A neat track and a fine follow-up to the magical tunes he'd written for all the various outfits of Wah! Pete Wylie's homepage is here.

(177) 10.000 Maniacs - 'Scorpio Rising' (mp3). An oldie but goodie from one of the best bands ever to come from New York. From their second full-length album from 1985, 'The Wishing Chair' (Elektra Records). A nice collection of photos from 1981 onwards can be found here, the Wikipedia entry for 10.000 Maniacs is here. If you want to do yourself a favour, please invest a few Pounds, Dollars or Euros, should you see one of their earlier releases in the second-hand bin in your local record store .... you can't go wrong with either of the records!

[upon request:
Chapterhouse - 'Pearl']

(178) The Ruts - 'You're Just A ...' (mp3). From the session the band did in May 1979 for John Peel, this session was originally released as a 12" in Strange Fruit's Peel Session - series in 1986 and later, in 1990 in fact, included in 'The Peel Sessions Album', which, as the titles tells us, brought together all the sessions The Ruts did for Peel. For me, being a 40 year old fat and boring twerp, it's rather hard to imagine that people exist who read my essays here who are too young to know anything essential about bands from the Punk Era .... and this is not meant offensively at all. For those people, here's a bit more on The Ruts. Ah, and on John Peel as well...

(179) The Bridewell Taxis - 'Give In' (mp3). After 'Just Good Friends' and 'Honesty' we have this little gem, another single from The Bridewell Taxis from Leeds, on Stolen Records from 1990. I still have an old video of theirs and I think I'll watch that again on the weekend .... after quite some years, I'm ashamed to say. A perfect band, that's for sure!

(180) Terry Edwards - 'The Hardest Walk' (mp3). You will - or better should - know Terry Edwards as a member of the famous Higsons from Norwich. Here he's on his own, with a bunch of very fine covers of Jesus And Mary Chain - tunes. A bit later he had a go at songs by The Fall, by the way, worth tracking down as well. On a 12" called 'Terry Edwards Plays The Music Of Jim and William Reid' on Stim Productions from 1991.

(181) The Pixies - 'Planet Of Sound' (mp3). The first single from The Pixies' fourth and final album, 'Trompe Le Monde', released in 1991 on 4AD Records. 'Bossanova', the album prior to this, was a bit 'surf-pop' (although there is nothing wrong with that, if you ask me) compared to the first two albums and indeed compared to this one. In my eyes 'Planet Of Sound' is the best track from it, so enjoy it, folks ...

(182) The Would Be's - 'Funny Ha Ha' (mp3). Oh!! The mighty mighty Would Be's!! One of the very best things Ireland ever brought to our attention, there is no question about that! They released three records in their (short) career and I'm lucky to say that I have all of them. 'Funny Ha Ha' is taken from their 1991 EP 'Silly Songs For Cynical People' on Decoy Records .... and don't be surprised when The Would Be's will crop up in quite some more editions of My Peel Tapes again in the near future. Rather hard to ascertain any information about them on the internet, therefore I can't provide you with a link, I'm afraid ...

(183) Penetration - 'Danger Signs' (mp3). The fourth single from Pauline Murray and her boys, and a very good one as well, I would like to think. On Virgin Records from 1979, and if memory serves correctly, Pauline later was somehow involved in the Invisible Girls.

[upon request:
Popguns - 'In My Head']

(184) The Telescopes - 'Flying' (mp3). You may remember their absolutely stunning 'The Perfect Needle' from 1989, if nothing else. But this here is quite nice as well, so I think, more 'laid-back', but nevertheless nice. A 12" from 1991 on Creation Records, but again taken from one of those 'Indie' - double albums.

(185) The Fall - 'Put Away' (mp3). Well, The Fall .... oh boy, you either love 'em or you hate 'em, I always hear. But that's not true, at least not for me. There are some tunes of theirs which I regard as being simply wonderful, but there are also others where I think: 'oh, that's just crap'. Either way, what I'm trying to say here is that I never understood the sheer enthusiasm that some people developed for The Fall ... and I have to include John Peel here, I'm afraid. I really wonder if he was able to judge objectively upon a new release from the band in the late 90's, bearing in mind that he liked everything they ever did ... or was he just used to like it, regardless if it was any good or not? Anyway, nothing wrong with this track though, again from a Peel Session 12" on Strange Fruit, originally recorded for the BBC in 1978.

(186) Billy Bragg - 'You Woke Up My Neighbourhood' (mp3). From his 'Dont' Try This At Home' - LP, his fourth album, relased by Cooking Vinyl Records in 1991. A must-have, but then again this is true for everything that Billy Bragg ever did ..... here's Billy's page for you to order his entire back catalogue.

(187) Pavement - 'Summer Baby' (mp3). I must admit I don't exactly know whether this is the version which was released in 1992 on Drag City Records or whether it's the slighty different 'Winter Version' which was included on the band's 'Slanted And Enchanted' - LP on Matador Records, released in 1992 as well, but distributed to journalists and DJ's already in 1991. I think it's the latter, but I can't vouch for it.
That's it and I do hope you liked it a bit. As usual, please leave comments and/or requests. I'm happy to please you!
Take good care,

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