Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"The New Paul van Dyk ...?"

Hello folks,

I had a very enjoyable evening yesterday, because I finally managed to find a reliable mixer, downloadable for free. Obviously, being a stupid idiot with these things, I didn't give a fuck about all those freaky features that most of these mixers offer, all I cared for was a pre-listening and a recording function.

After some fumbling along with the computer's sound settings I got the thing running at least halfway properly yesterday and you wouldn't believe how much fun I had whilst mixing some stuff from yesteryear ('cos that's the only year I really know, you see). Also I used two pair of headphones (one for mixing, one for pre-listening) which made me look dead cool, I suppose. Then again I may rather have more looked like a complete twerp, I'm afraid ...

I was so pleasantly surprised with the outcome that I thought I'd better share my masterpiece with you lads. So here it is, in all its glory, all well (plus some not so well) known anthems from 1976 - 1982, 1¾ hours of pure unadulterated fun for all the family I would like to think!

Call the thing what you want, I'll file it as "Digijay Part 1" (mp3) ('because that's the name of the freeware I used).

Enjoy, enjoy, friends ... I certainly did, so much so that I had to include one or two longer tracks in order to be able to sprint downstairs to the fridge to get meself bottles of Früh Kölsch (separately, mind you), all of which I enjoyed to the full! Perhaps they are the reason for the inclusion of tracks 7 and 8 ... sorry, but somehow I got carried away, as it seems ... in the beginning I thought I'd create something really fragile and peaceful, starting with The Wild Swans (a MIGHTY (!) track: even if you listen to nothing else, listen to this one, please!!) proves my good will here. Didn't work out apparently ...

Nevertheless I am rather proud of this job. Not too bad for a starter, ey?

What do you think?



PS: just wait until my library from 1983 upwards is being volume-gained and loaded up and I'm pretty certain another mix will be online in not too distant future. Aaah, I bet you can hardly wait!