Saturday, August 2, 2014

"My Old Peel Tapes ... Again!" (Pt. 10)

Hello friends!

Back from me holidays in East Frisia and very nice it was, too ... brilliant sunny weather, all in all totally in contradiction to how it must have been here at home after all I heard so far today. I spent a lot of time at various beaches (or, if you'd rather, on various playgrounds at various beaches, entertaining Little Loser). Again I very much envied George out of Jim McLean's Rabbit, who does live not too far away from various beaches in the sun: a fact that he never gets tired of rubbing our noses in, it must be said. Also I spent a lot of time in various restaurants eating so much fresh fish (which is something that George doesn't do at all, but each to his own, as I always say!) that most likely I will live on meat only for the next six months!

Anyway, the day before I left I was pleasantly surprised to find a song over at Sterling's ever-fantastic Maggot Caviar which I sought for for three decades by now. I'm sure you all know about those little obscurities that you'll never, under no circumstances, find anywhere on the Internet, despite of clicking any fucking link on any of the 27 fucking pages that Google offers for your search ... and you don't do this once in your lifetime, you do this twice a year, because you live in the hope that some nice chap makes this particular song that no-one knows available for the five people in the whole wide world that do care about it. Well, exactly this happened to me with the last tune in today's offering, Third Eye's 'Pass Myself', a 7" from France from 1982. And yes, I know it's easily available on Discogs, but, you know, if I started to buy all those records which are not available elsewhere for vast sums of money (€ 24,- in this case), I'd live in the poorhouse before you can say "I told you so!". Therefore, Sterling: I love you, Darling!

But I digress. This song completed Peel 002 (for those of you who didn't know so far: my aim is to find all of the songs I taped back then on Peel's BFBS programmes on one side of a C90 or C60. Two rules though: a) decent quality (otherwise I could simply transfer them from my old cassettes) and b) each cassette - as originally recorded - has to be fully completed). Peel 002 comes from 1984 and obviously was recorded on a C60. But don't let that put you off: it's just eight songs, but it's eight songs which are really really good ... all of them, at least in my humble opinion, have stood the test of time. This cassette has everything: a few great covers, three German rarities (and the Germans did do some fantastic stuff back then indeed!), but, most importantly, it's all songs the bulk of you won't have heard before. Which, as far as I'm concerned, is always a good thing!

So please enjoy:

Peel 002, C. 015/2:
13 Against All Odds Resistance 77
14 1000 Heads Are Fond Of Rolling Strafe Für Rebellion
15 DJ's Run Short Romans
16 Heroes Nico 
17 Freemoney Penetration
18 Will They Never Learn? Varukers
19 Ein Haus Aus Den Knochen Von  
  Cary Grant Foyer Des Arts
20 Pass Myself Third Eye

As usual you get each song separately (here) or, for a sheer listening pleasure, as another mighty megamix (here).

Also of course on the John Peel Wiki (here), in it's original dodgy quality, with Peel bragging inbetween the songs. Btw: Steve from Hongkong has by now achieved to put up (there) not less than 102 (!) of my Peel - cassette (sides), isn't this unbelievable? Thanks, Steve, good job, mate! Keep up the great work, okay?

Now, wasn't this absolutely super? If you agree, please leave a comment! Also if you don't agree, of course ...

Take good care,



Walter said...

Hi Dirk, good to hear that you enjoyed the times on the playgrounds with Little Loser. And it's good to have you and your tapes back again. This tape is full of punk and very strange music. But it's good to hear Resistance 77 and Varaukers hear again. Looking forward to your next tape.

george said...

Re. Steve from Hongkong, now there too is a man with too much time on his hands. As I type this from the veranda in the sun. Did I say it's only 200m from the beach?? Looking forward to listening to the tracks, none of which I know. And I must find out where East Frisia is....

Sterling Cale said...

Nice to know I made someone's day! :-)