Monday, July 16, 2012

Vinyl Villain returns: The Man Is Back In Town!

Morning all,

astonishing news this morning: Jim is back, after a well-deserved break, so have a look at The Vinyl Villain quickly! He decided not to continue to blog on a daily basis, but only when he feels like he wants to: something I can fully understand and appreciate ... as you probably will be be able to tell from the constant lack of fresh posts here on Sexyloser recently.

As I am at work currently I don't have access to my music files at home, therefore I can only choose from a handful of songs, those I already had uploaded on BoxNet previously. Nevertheless I found one which describes my feelings about Jim's return pretty well: yes, I posted it before at least once, but as it is a neat tune indeed by The Crimea, I feel no shame when giving it to you again today .... I mean, c'mon: the site we all (well, most of us) look at first thing each and every morning is back and running again, so don't/shouldn't we all feel like:

Lottery Winners On Acid (mp3)

Jim: thanks, mate, for the many many bands you pointed me to in the last years: I do hope there'll be much more to come in the future!