Friday, October 3, 2008

Some Of The Best There Ever Has Been...: '1988'

Hello dear friends,

well, after quite a while, here's the next round of little gems I always loved and adored and most probably will do so for the rest of my little useless life. This time we're having a look at 1988 ... have a listen and tell me what you think, okay?

The Beasts Of Bourbon - 'The Hate Inside' (mp3)

The Church - 'Texas Moon' (mp3)

Grant Hart - '2541' (mp3)

The Hotknives - 'Driving Me Mad' (live at The Boatman) (mp3)

Jazz Butcher - 'Lot 49' (mp3)

Joe Strummer & The Latino Rockabilly War - 'Trash City' (mp3)

Lou Reed - 'Something Happened' (mp3)

The Wedding Present - 'Give My Love To Kevin' (acoustic version) (mp3)

Very best wishes,



Anonymous said...

Maybe not the greatest vintage 88'
I was looking forward to hearing Grant Hart again after sooo many years(i had bought this as a 12"single) but i forgotten that it goes on for about 1min 30secs too long, ah well. For me Joe Strummer still sounds a head and shoulders above everything else..sheer class!

Anonymous said...

Ah, but it's good to hear some of the more obscure tracks from '88, instead of the same old same old. There's a couple in this selection that I don't remember at all. I particularly enjoyed the Beasts of Bourbon track, sounding, as they do, like a sicko Johnny Cash full of misanthropic bile. Great!
PaulB (Scotland)
p.s. Sexyloser, I'm getting a little tired of the Fischer Z song that starts up every time I open your site - can you maybe rotate the tracks a bit more frequently? p.p.s. Other than that, I'm really enjoying your blog and the music, some of which its introducing me to for the first time. Special thanks for introducing me to the Would Be's!!!

Tricia said...

That was one great set, Dirk. Really good tunes. Also, I'm a big House of Love fan and only have that track on cassette. Never fails to make me woozy with enjoyment every time I hear it!

JC said...

1988 was my lost year.

Stopped listening to music for most of it, gave up a 'bohemaian' lifestyle for a marriage that was a disaster from Day 1 (all my fault though...nothing to do with the first Mrs JC).

But maybe I didnt miss too much if CK is right that it wasnt the best vintage.