Friday, October 10, 2008

My Peel Tapes - Part 24

Hello dear people,

welcome to Pt. 24 of 'My Peel Tapes'. I hope everyone of you will find some enjoyable stuff below:

(231) Sonic Youth - 'Ca Plane Pour Moi' (mp3). From a very nice compilation album called 'Freedom Of Choice' on City Slang Records out of Germany, released in 1992. Apart from Sonic Youth it features White Flag, Yo La Tengo, Big Dipper, Chia Pet, Connels, Das Damen, Erectus Monotone, Finger, Hypnolovewheel, It's OK, Mudhoney, Muffs, Permanent Green Light, Polvo, Red Kross, Superchunk and Tiny Lights .... and they all do covers of favourite 'New Wave' - tunes you all will know by heart, I would think .... well, and if not all, you will know this one here, originally done by Plastic Bertrand back in 1977 .... yes, that golden year .... oh boy!

(232) Killbilly - 'Diesel Dazey' (mp3). A 1992 7" on Diesel Only Records from the States. And perhaps you are more clever than me and can track down something about them or the record on the internet: I searched for quite some time now and have given up on it! Anyway, it's some very nice hillbilly country style - stuff for you for a change .... enjoy!

(233) The Jeans Shop Guerilla - 'The Rhine Near Bale' (mp3). A most curious item this is, for sure. A 7" single on Strandgut Produktion from 1992, titled 'Dr. Sorgsam - Oder Wie Ich Lernte, Die Bausparkasse Zu Hassen', which translates as 'Dr. Careful - Or How I Learnt To Hate The Building And Loan Association' ... and please don't ask me what this may possibly be all about! The other five tracks on this single are even more obscure, rather left-wing-pro-1977- German RAF - terrorism stuff mostly, I would think. Strange indeed, but the track Peel chose is rather neat altogether.

(234) Culture - 'Lion Rock' (mp3). Taken from the 1983 Peel Session (released on Strange Fruit Records) by Jamaica's Culture, one of the true Jamaican masterpieces, perhaps along with The Congos' 'Heart Of The Congos'. When I was in Jamaica in 2004, Culture played in Negril or Montego bay, can't remember properly .... one day after (!) I had to fly home. What a freakin' shame to have missed this great band. Now Joseph Hill is dead and gone and my chance to ever see them again has died with him. Bugger!!

(235) Benny Spellman - 'Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)' (mp3). Again from a compilation LP, also called 'Lipstick Traces', this time on Rough Trade Records from 1993. A very strange collection of bands and songs featured here, some punk stuff (Adverts, Buzzcocks, Clash, Slits), but mostly rather obscure dadaistic nonsense from quite some time ago. Fairly unlistenable too, at least for my ears. Benny Spellman's tune though is okay with me, originally released as a single back in 1962, it has surely stood the test of time. Again, at least for me it had ....

(236) The Misunderstood - 'I Can Take You To The Sun' (mp3). A great tune from 1966 on Fontana Records, pretty much way ahead of it's time, I would think. Some describe it as a "psychedelic classic" and I'm not enough an expert on this genre to be able to disagree here. I always liked it a lot and I think it will remain another one of my all-time favourites forever. The Misunderstood's website is here.

(237) The Faces - 'Pool Hall Richard' (mp3). Now, I don't care very much for Rod Stewart, I must admit, not my cup of tea really. Also I know that he was not all of The Faces, other members of the band might have been more important than him. Either way, this is a great tune, a singalong if you want, but there's nothing wrong with that. It's the sheer energy in that that I like so much, but judge for yourself. A 7" on Warner from 1973 and more on The Faces can be found here.

(238) Culture Fire - 'No Existance' (mp3). Well, here's the deal: find anything about them on the internet, folks, and I'll send you a fiver! The only thing I can tell you is that the record was released on One-Hour Records from Omaha, Nebraska, I think in 1992, so I assume that the band should come from roughly that area. One-Hour Records in fact once was the home of Simon Joyner, now this is a guy whose name could ring a bell with you. He later recorded for Sing, Eunuchs! ... together with Frontier Trust, Mousetrap and The Mountain Goats, for example.

(239) Mambo Taxi - 'Prom Queen' (mp3). A 7" on Clawfist/Hunka from 1992. They had quite a few rather nice records, this is but one of them, I would like to think. Mambo Taxi's Wikipedia entry: here.

(240) Gumball - 'New Rose' (mp3). Now, the orginal by The Damned is quite a stormer, as you will know. But Gumball manage to give it a good kicking as well, they make it sound even harder in my eyes. You think I'm joking? Press the download button and judge for yourselves, people! From a 12" called 'Wisconsin Hayride', which is full of interesting cover versions, the originals being done by for example by The Small Faces, Black Flag and The Mahavishna Orchestra. The sound quality is alas poor, but I hope you forgive me.

(241) Delicious Monster - 'Snuggle' (mp3). Once again I delved into my collection of 'Indie - Compilation' double LP's to find these little gem. Originally released on Flute Records as a 12" back in 1993 and somewhere someone referred to them as 'one heck of an overlooked band': only partly I am able to disagree upon that ... but simply because there were so many other 'overlooked' bands at the time who had deserved even more attention than Delicious Monster should have deserved. Also their name sucks.

(242) The Heptones - 'Sufferer's Time' (mp3). Again in especially dodgy sound quality, this is because I took it from the original Peel Tape .... I only wish I'd own a vinyl copy of this 7" from Jamaica on the Hep Hep Label from 1978 .... but I don't. Alas.

(243) Pulp - 'Razzmatazz' (mp3). Yes. Okay. I know very well that I have to be terribly careful with what I write here about Pulp and especially Jarvis Cocker, otherwise 75% of my female readers (if there are any at all) will never come back again. Up to a degree I can understand why Jarvis is such a cult figure, but I always had severe difficulties in mixing up good looks and good music. I mean, just because he looks damn sexy, he isn't allowed to do things that sound shite, right? The same would be true for Bowie, and he really looked good back in those days! There was a period where I was fed up with what Pulp had done, but there still are some tunes I keep coming back to. Also I mostly like what Jarvis is doing on his own these days. 'Razzmatazz' clearly is a winner, originally released as a 7" on Gift in 1993, but also to be found on the 'Intro: The Gift Recordings' - Mini - LP on Island, 1993.

(244) The House Of Love - 'Love In A Car' (mp3). A track from their self-titled debut album from 1988, which is good throughout. You will know their 'Shine On', kids, because you can hear it fairly frequently on the radio these days, albeit only a remix of it, which is best being described as utter shit!
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JC said...

Great stuff as usual my dear friend?

But pray tell me, which period did you get fed up with Pulp???

Anonymous said...

My guess is he got fed up with Pulp when they were really popular and they were on telly all the time - generally speaking it doesn't sit too well with indie kids to have everyone else adore their heroes too, heh heh. However, I am still a fan and looking forward to seeing Jarvis play at the Picture House in Edinburgh on 28 Nov. Anyone else going?

Anonymous said...

Great blog Dirk - & wholeheartedly agree about Lipstick Traces CD being mostly unlistenable (though you do get Marie Osmond warbling some native American Indian song as I recall.) It was released as a 'companion' (eh?wtf?) to this:

I bought for the Benny S song on but only because at the time I couldn't find the O'Jays version of Lipstick Traces on CD & needed to hear the song ...fool & his/her/its money etc ..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Benny Spellman tune, one more ticked off the collection of tracks I remember from those cassettes NME used to sell in the 80s with titles like Ace Case, Stompin' at the Savoy...

The cassettes are too worn out to transfer to mp3, so I'm always on the look out!