Friday, October 17, 2008

(Yet) Another Great Song Lost On A B-Side

Dearest friends,

my good pal J.C. over at The Vinyl Villain does this 'Lost ...' - series fairly frequently and yesterday he drew our attention to a track by The Go Betweens. Thanks for that, J.C., and to the rest of you, I recommend to have a look here.

Now, I shamelessly had to steal the idea today (hope you don't mind, mate), because this morning in the car I listened to a very old cassette of John Peel's music on BFBS. John started the show with a track by Echo & The Bunnymen, one which I always simply adored, in fact I think it's one of the very best tunes they have ever done.

To my best knowledge it was never released on an album, it was available only in the UK as a B-Side of the 'Bring On The Dancing Horses' - 7" on Korova (KOW-43), released in October of 1985. The Americans had to live with 'Read It In Books' on the B-Side, poor people ....

Not only the song is a real treat, also John Peel's intro (to the show) is quite wonderful, I think. Therefore you'll get it both, folks, (more or less) neatly segued into each other. Enjoy this:

Echo and The Bunnymen - 'Over Your Shoulder' (mp3)


Anonymous said...

They weren't my favourite band by a long chalk, but seemed to be a band that most of my mates were quite happy to travel to see.
It then started to turn into a game of 'follow echo'. Outer Herbrideas,Stratford-upon-havon,Brighton,Inverness,Aviemore,Aberdeen,London,Manchester,Stirling Uni, Lancaster get the picture, so for a band that i quite liked it turned into a growing up bondship with like minded people i'll always love.
Still think McCulloch's a prat, long live St Julian.

a Tart said...

Oh Dirk, I've only recently begun collecting this band, a band I always quite liked but never paid much attention to when they were popular. So thank you for this special addition to my set, xoxoxo

Dirk said...

Well, now THAT's what I call a real stalker, CK *smile* ... alas I've never catched Echo live ... wish I had done so!

And, to you, a Tart: what a great honour it is that you leave a comment on my little site: I started reading 'I Correct Myself ...' frequently recently and I think you do a fantastic job! Apologies that I never left a comment so far ... I promise to do better!

manicpopthrills said...

Great song, Dirk. Don't think I ever heard it live. They did play B-sides from time to time though, I'm sure I've heard 'Simple Stuff' and 'Angels and Devils'. The latter in particular is a favourite B.


PS Over Your Shoulder is on the remastered version of the Grey LP which came out a few years back.

a Tart said...

Oh darling, you flatter me xoxo

JC said...

You'll also find on the Crystal Days boxset which has just about everything you would ever want from the Bunnymen from 79-99.

Great choice my amigo - one that was slated one day to appear on my own series.

Oh and I can let you know that while I'm a fan of the band, Mike at MPT is a bit of an expert if anyone ever has any questions....

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.