Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Peel Tapes - Part 25

Dearest friends,
I thought I'd better quickly shove in another edition of 'My Peel Tapes' before Feargal Sharkey decides to close Sexyloser down forever, so here we go:

(245) The Eggs - 'The Government Administrator' (mp3). The third release - from 1993 - on Hemiola Records from Leeds featured a combo from Arlington, Virginia: The Eggs. Despite of their stupid name the record itself was just marvellous. It must have struck a chord in Britain at least for a few people, because it reached # 10 in Peel's Festive 50 of that year. Doesn't make them worldwide superstars, but who gives a damn, right? And, more important even, The Eggs sent me the 7" for free, because I wrote a creepy letter to them complaining that I wasn't able to track down a copy here in Germany. In return I sent back a bottle of local liquor, real hardcore stuff, and to my great surprise the band thought it wasn't bad at all, at least so they wrote back to me. A few weeks ago I landed on a website done by The Eggs' former singer and believe it or not: he still remembered having enjoyed that bottle very well .... some 15 years later!

(246) Madder Rose - 'Madder Rose' (mp3). Their first and their best, as it so often is the case. From a 1993 compilation called 'Unnecessary Niceness - American Imports from the 7" Singles Bins of the Rough Trade Record Shop', which featured Allen Clapp, Big Louise, Helium, Lois, Lorelei, Spinanes, Swirlies, Twiggy and of course Madder Rose .... on Beechwood Music from the UK. The Madder Rose - tune comes from 1992, in fact.

(247) Sonic Youth - 'Personality Crisis' (mp3). From the 'Sugar Kane' - single (on Geffen, 1992), which was issued in various formats - well, with various tracks on it - back in 1992. The song was originally done by The New York Dolls, as you might know. Should you not know it, try to get hold of it, it is a real killer! Also on the single was this:

(248) Sonic Youth - 'Is It My Body' (mp3). Some kind of .... hmmh ... well .... sexy, there is no better way to describe it. Judge yourself, but as far as I'm concerned, the thought alone of Kim Gordon moaning with lust makes this tune somewhat special for me. Yeah ..... I know: I'm rather easily aroused in my age ..... oh boy!

(249) Curve - 'Missing Link' (mp3). Phew .... rather noisier than I expected it to be .... I thought it was a bit more tranquil. Good stuff nevertheless and again from one of those Indie Top 20 double albums. Recorded in 1993 and mainly featured here because Toni Halliday is such a goddess! [As you can probably tell, I still couldn't calm down from the Sonic Youth track preceeding this one here .... sorry ....].

(250) The Rulers - 'Copasetic' (mp3). Released in 1966 on The Sir JJ Label. I got hold of some fantastic albums in Kingston when I went to Jamaica for the first time, but alas couldn't track down any 7" singles. So I had to take this one from the 'Club Ska '67' - compilation, issued in 1980 on Mango/Island. The sound quality is rather poor, but to my best knowledge this is not the compilation's fault. I've never heard a (soundwise) better version of this track anywhere.

(251) The Harvest Ministers - 'If It Kills Me And It Will' (mp3). On Sarah Records, Sarah 84 in fact. Issued in 1993 as a 7" and just one out of a million absolutely adorable releases on the label. They really had all of the good bands back then and I always thought they were as influental as Factory were 10 years before. The Harvest Ministers' site is here.

(252) The Undertones - 'My Perfect Cousin' (mp3). On 'Hypnotised', the band's second album from 1980. Good throughout and highly recommended. If you have a look at the post preceeding this one, you might not want to cope with this choice, but I think regardless what one might think about Feargal Sharkey these days, it should not be forgotten that The Undertones were not just Feargal. The other members might perhaps even be pleased to see this tune posted here, who knows?

(253) The Shanes - 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' (mp3). A 7", most probably from 1993. Peel doesn't give a lot of information as well, and moreover I can't find much on the internet about the track. So just enjoy this version and let me know what you think ..... okay?

(254) Pulp - 'O.U. (Gone, Gone)' (mp3). A 12" on Gift Recordings from 1992 and my favourite Pulp tune. There you are. Better even than 'Common People'. I quickly have to move on to the next track, otherwise I'll change my mind again .....

(255) Elastica - 'Line Up' (mp3). Originally done in 1992, the version was later issued as a 7". This here is the LP version though, the album was released on Geffen in 1995. A great debut which surely has stood the test of time, at least it did for me. Luckily I have a rare first issue, which included the so-called 'Elasticatalogue', a little leaflet with photos from Donna Matthews in it (yes, another goddess!). A much-treasured item here in Sexyloserland, as you might imagine!

(256) The Rezillos - 'Flying Saucer Attack' (mp3) / 'No' (mp3). Well, I intended to post only 'Flying Saucer Attack', but 'No' is tucked so close behind it on the album ('Can't Stand The Rezillos', Sire, 1978), that I decided to let the needle run and download the two tracks for your pleasure. In fact I listened to the whole LP again after this and I must say it is an absolute masterpiece!! Do yourself a favour and get hold of a copy somewhere, this album really shouldn't miss in any halfway decent record collection!
(257) Billy Bragg - 'The Milkman Of Human Kindness' (mp3). 'Life's A Riot With Spy Vs. Spy' was Billy's first release on the Utility Label in 1983 and from it this tune is taken. One of his quieter songs but don't let that hinder you from listening to it. Billy's site is here.

Well, folks, I do sincerely hope you enjoyed this week's selection: quite a fair number of older tracks for you, but as mentioned before: I just post here chronologically what Peel played back then on BFBS.

Have fun,



dickvandyke said...

Tremendous work Dirk. Many thanks.

Ed said...

Excellent as ever. I also have that 'Unnecessary niceness' LP; the sleevenotes, i'm fairly certain, are done by sean from the Rough Trade shop, who writes very well.

FiL said...

Keep the faith, Dearest Dirk! And Sharkey can go Feargal himself... ;-)

a Tart said...

dearest Dirk, where have you gone???