Friday, November 21, 2008

Some Of The Best There Ever Has Been: '1979' (for a Tart)

Dearest friends,

first of all: sorry! Sorry that it took me so long to post something new here, but first I have been really busy and in addition to that I didn't feel pretty well recently .... something with my stomach (won't go into detail, but believe me: I was perfectly happy to lay in bed instead sitting in front of the computer).

The only person in the whole wide world who wrote (now that's an alliteration if there ever was one!! ha ha!!) in to ask if I am still alive was dearest Tart from the fantastic 'I Correct Myself, I Mean All The Time' - blog .... and I strongly recommend that you should have a look at what she has to say every bloody day of your little lives! In order to thank her for this, I asked her to choose a year for this series, and she came up with '1979', so there you are: Tart, this is dedicated to you, darling .... and I do hope you enjoy the tunes I chose for you.

Okay ... rock 'n' roll:

The Undertones - 'Here Comes The Summer' (Peel Session Version) (mp3)

Okay, dearest Tart: I have to stop it here. 1979 was such a fantastic year for music, exactly as you said to me, I could go on forever and forever with my choices. I do hope you liked what I found for you .... and for the rest of you as well, of course!

Have fun,



a Tart said...

Ah Dirk, you are GENIUS and all too kind! Just gorgeous choices and a few I've not heard at all (the Slickee Boys, Leyton Buzzards), one or two I've not heard in ages (The Cramps!) and some I could hear again and again (Blondie, Joe Jackson, Dead Kennedys)! Thanks so much, muuuuahhhh!

glad you're back with us xooxxox

FiL said...

Um, I thought you were just off stalking Feargal...

Welcome back!

JC said...

Hey amigo.

Sorry I've been away from here for so took me all my time to rebuild my music library and I've been very neglectful.

(1) I hope you're over whatever ailment you had.

(2) And this is so fucking put this posting up while I was away on holiday. Its while I laze in the sun that I sometimes come up with ideas for TVV...such as the one I'm starting up in the New Year entitled...'The Class of 79'. Yup, at least once a week I'll be going back exactly 30 years in time...!

I'm near certain the idea came to me the same day you wrote this piece.....

Fucking spooky amigo. Fucking spooky.