Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some Of The Best There Ever Has Been: '1996'

Hello party people,

rrrrright, time for another edition of 'Some Of the Best There Ever Has Been'. This time we'll have a look at 1996, not a fantasticly spectacular year for music all in all, I would think. But there have been a few good tunes nevertheless, and here are the ones that I liked most. Still love to listen to them today, in fact:

Armstrong - 'You Deserve To Succeed' (mp3)

Melys - 'Puppet' (mp3)

Revelino - 'Step On High' (mp3)

Belle And Sebastian - 'The Stars Of Track And Field' (mp3)

Billy Bragg - 'Northern Industrial Town' (mp3)

Babybird - 'Goodnight' (mp3)

Jay-Jay Johanson - 'So Tell The Girls That I Am Back In Town' (mp3)

Rather a tranquil selection, you could well argue, and of course you would be entirely right. Don't know why this is, perhaps I finally got fed up with listening to Grunge and Grunge-related stuff back in 1996. Then again it was a brilliant year for Scottish and especially Welsh music and this kind of stuff never tended to be hardcore.

Either way, I like the tracks above to no degree. I hope you do too.

Just let me know if this is the case, okay: leave comments to cheer me up ...

See you,



Tricia said...

Excellent selection of tracks. I am especially jazzed since I go to see Billy Bragg tomorrow night for the first time.

Miss the signature tunes that used to greet me when I would read your blog. So quiet now.

Cheers and be cheerful,

a Tart said...

Ah it IS good to see Mr. Bragg here, but alas, his track is "broken", it's only about 2 seconds long :( xoxo

Dirk said...

Dearest Tricia: your life will not be the same after tomorrow night, promised! Concerning the signature tunes: there were complaints, so I took it off. Not forever, perhaps.

Dearest Tart: I'll fix this link as soon as I get home from work today: it really is a killer tune, thanks for letting me know that it doesn't work properly.

By the way, Tart: could you kindly let me know where you got this "We Read You" - thingy from? I think this is just a marvelous feature and I would very much like to have it for Sexyloser as well ...

a Tart said...

A Dirk, I "made" it myself, lol... I just cropped out a piece of my main pic, the green bowling balls, and added the red letters "we read you" over top of it, with photoshop, and then uploaded it on the right as a gadget inside the "customize" option of your blogger blog.

If you have photoshop it's quite easy, if not, just make a pic of the correct size and find words you wish to have overlayed onto it and send it to me, darling, i'll work it up for you xoxoox

Dirk said...

Dearest Tart,

first: all the links should work now, sorry for the inconvenience.

second: what I meant to ask for actually was not the logo, but the feature itself: the fact that the visitors to your site are listed there with their homepages and the time that has passed since they visited. Where did you get THAT from, please? I assume this is a downloadable thing, but I'm a total loser when it comes to computers, so I would not be surprised if you tell me that Blogger offers it as well and I'm just too stupid to find and/or to install it ...

Thanks very much,


a Tart said...

oh, THAT! ok :) yes, it's a blogger feature and mine's been not working lately so i've switched it to delicious bookmarks which i don't like as much because it doesn't show when they last updated (not when they last visited but when the blog was updated). However, i think the blogger feature is working again.... so....

go to your "customize" button on upper right, then "add a gadget" on the right sidebar. hit "bloglist" and enter your urls there of blogs you wish to see and select date of last update box. TA DA! :)

I wasn't able to add any new blogs for a while but on my test blog I could make a new bloglist so that may be the way to go if you need to add or subtract blogs from your list later on...just start over and make a new list each time until they fix the bug.

xoxox, does this help?

Anonymous said...

Dearest,dearest Dirk .
Sorry that i haven't a clue about anything technical about webness.
(Mainly because i'm a dinosaur with a tiny brain - read 0,5 gb)
But i've absolutely loved the Revelino track! ......must have been raising malfunctional children at this point....anyway ..carry on flirting!