Friday, February 6, 2015

"In A Mood ..."

Evening Folks,

by Christ, what a horrid week this week was: normally we are four people in the office, but for all of the week we ran with 50% of the staff, which under normal circumstances is no big deal, but clients went mad in one form or another with placing orders and heavily complaining about leadtimes and I had a shitload of work on me desk more or less constantly. It feels like I have spent there some 50 hours this week, which certainly isn't true, but I feel like that. And next week will be the same, which may be the reason (this and the fact that there is nothing whatsoever in the idiot box this evening) why I decided to open a bottle of Tempranillo and listen to one or two mellow tunes, some which I hadn't heard in quite a while and try to calm down a bit. And then I thought: "actually, those songs are so good, why not share them with you?".

So there you go, this is on me headphones at this very moment:

If there is a "genre" which normally is not my cup of tea, then it must be Swedish trip hop. Nevertheless this here is a real gem, which was played quite often in '96/'97 in the bar where I DJ'd back then. If memory serves it was on one of those 'Future Lounge' - compilations, barely unlistenable stuff to my punk rock ears at the time, but it was really good to hear it again this evening, I enjoyed this 'Film Noir - feeling' that this JJ - guy delivers mightily.

In a similarily mellow vein come this next one, again I would describe it as trip hop, although, I should confess, I'm not terribly good in naming music styles ... just a waste of time, if you ask me! From an excellent album, from 1999, "Kid Loco - Jesus Life For Children Under 12 Inches" I'll give to you:

Another one frequently on the CD Player when I was a DJ, and rightly so! This Kid Loco is one fantastic guy, that's for sure! But I never could decide which is the standout track on this album, this one or the mix he did for Pulp ... so - obviously - again I had to listen to both:

They're both outstandingly good, aren't they? And ain't the cover spectacular as well?

Next up one I nicked from Swiss Adam over at Bagging Area. I am ashamed to say that I was never able to share his (and some of yours as well)  enthusiasm for what Weatherall did over the years, so whenever he comes up I tend to press on regardlessly. I don't know why I decided to download this specific one, but I'm eternally grateful that I did, because I like it so much, it really is hard to believe. Weatherall along with Tenniswood as

From 2007 from the (wonderfully named) album 'Wrong Meeting'. Thanks, SA! All in all not that mellow, I admit, but what the heck, right?

But this one is, for sure:

From 1967 ... that golden year! One of The Prince's best tracks if you ask me ... do yourself a favour and listen to it, shouldn't you know it already!

And also from 1967 and also from Jamaica an artist not as commonly known as Prince Buster, but the tune is equally wonderful:

Simply terrific, both of them!! As is this, although it has nothing to do with Rocksteady at all:

Obviously, like we all do, at least I suppose, I have a soft spot for Natalie Merchant, but I do love this one with John Lombardo on vocals. From their very first recording, 'Human Conflict Number Five'' from 1982.

Funny, but when I listen to Natalie Merchant, I always have to think of Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval, so here's their best number in my humble opinion, although of course it's not their song at all, in fact it's a cover of a song Slapp Happy did in the 70's ... but you can well believe me when I say that Mazzy Star's version is way better!

Enough for tonight, friends. I hope you enjoyed my little ramblings ... but I'm off to bed now. Good music and red wine are fine to get back in the right mood, but I could do nicely with my waterbed as well by now ...

Take good care,



charity chic said...

Hope that excellent selection helped you to chill Dirk

Walter said...

What and awesome mix Dirk - I enjoyed much. Hope you can stand next week and give us another compilation.

The Swede said...

What a fine selection. Really enjoyed listening through them. Hope next week works out better than anticipated.

george said...

Eclectic choice there, Dirk. Why not pull a sickie? Then you can get paid whilst you listen to music in the comfort of your own house. Of course I NEVER did that............

Brian said...

This is an absolute feast. Hang in there, ol' boy.