Sunday, October 19, 2014

Brian - "Soft"

Hello friends,

and yes, dear readers, the requests for these little mixes keep flooding in, Brian from the ever-wonderful Linear Tracking Lives! - blog wrote in saying:

"OK, here is my theme. "Soft." In particular, I would like to hear what your favorite songs were when a particularly loud post-punk band pulled off turning it down."

Now this was not an easy task, Brian! Thank God he re-confirmed to me in a second mail that also punk bands (hence post-punk bands) were allowed to feature.  So all of the below are rather "big" names from the punk era and all of them are commonly known to do rather rowdy stuff normally. At least I would think this is the case, because naturally I don't know all of each band's output. But the majority of their work is quite loud, I would think, so they deserved to get included. See what you make out of it, Brian, I do hope you like what I chose for you .... so enjoy:

"Soft" (mp3)

Take good care,



Brian said...

Fantastic, Dirk! A great mix of my favorites and a few that I have never heard before. What a lovely way to spend my Sunday morning. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

charity chic said...

Good stuff Dirk and the technical gremlins around updating your blog seem to have been resolved