Friday, October 25, 2013

John Peel - Day 2013: "My Old Peel Tapes ... Again!" (Pt. 3)


Hello dear friends,

sorry sorry sorry that I just got around to post this at this time of the day/evening, but I was stuck in office all day without any access to my music library.

John Peel - Day it is - or rather was - again today, and as usual I didn't come up with brilliant ideas about what to post on this special occasion, so I thought I'd just continue with another one of those old Peel BFBS - tapes.

And why not, I mean: it's music played by Peel back then and I assume there are one or two folk's faces out there to whom this old stuff might put a smile on ....

So please enjoy one of my favourite ones out of the nearly 400 tapes I recorded, Peel 018, from 1985:

Peel 018, C. 005/2:
179 Daytime Dilemma (Dangers Of
Love) Ramones
180 Snipe Marc Riley with The Creepers
181 All That Ever Mattered Shop Assistants
182 Just One Kiss Cure
183 Swimming Ground Meat Puppets
184 Absolute Body Control DAF
185 The Blood Cure
186 King Of The Hill Minutemen
187 You Should Never Have Opened
That Door Ramones
188 Texas Wine Jon Wayne
189 Spinning Round Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
190 The Baby Screams Cure
191 Special Delivery Stomp Earl Bostic
192 Shadow Figure Marc Riley with The Creepers
193 Animal Kingdom Meat Puppets

Now, doesn't this tape really have everything you need in life? I mean, what more can you ask for?

As usual, downloadable as a folder, each tune separately (here) or as another awesome megamix (here).

Also, as usual, find the same thing - but with Peel bragging inbetween the tracks - on the Peel Wiki.

Keep it Peel, friends, will you?

Take good care,



davyh said...

Downloaded Dirk and v.much looking forward to hearing x

Walter said...

Downloaded it too Dirk. And don't be afraid - there are a lot of people out there longing for this kind of music. Some of the songs I know, the others will be a surprise for me.

Hope you are well now and can take your life without physical deseases.

Scott said...

You do spoil us Dirk. Another great Peel mix. Lovely to hear the Shop Assistants again.

george said...

Never heard the Jon Wayne before. Excellent noise. Thanks.