Monday, November 25, 2013

"My Old Peel Tapes ... Again!" (Pt. 4)

Evening friends of the family,

yeeeeah, I know: ages since I last found the time to post something here and now that this is being changed ... it's one of those boring old Peel tapes again.

It's a lame excuse, but the problems with me ears haven't really been solved since the last post, so it is quite a struggle these days to sit down in the evening and listen to music, that's if I find the time to do so at all. Recently - in addition to the above - my neck started hurting like hell, which makes it even harder. But I won't complain and yes, I know, if I were a horse I'd most probably be shot ... and quite rightly so.

As for the Peel tape: this time I went for some more contemporary stuff (if you like to call a step from late 1985 to early 1990 contemporary), so in one form or another it is something of an achievement for you younger readers, I like to think!

Generally I try to be very honest to myself and put up only those tapes of which I found every single song somewhere. I mean, it would be easy for me to delete one line or two from the Excel sheet, you wouldn't spot a difference, right? And I tried very hard indeed to come up with a full one, belive me, several attempts had been made within the last weeks, but I always failed when it came to some obscure song by, for example, some even more obscure North Korean fishermen, who managed to have their singalong being released on vinyl on some obscure label from Ruandi Burundi in early 40's. How Peel got his hands on this stuff I will never fully understand, nor will I understand why I decided to tape it when he played it on BFBS! But there you go: if I don't find it in the net, I won't call the tape completed.

The only thing I'm to blame for with this tape is that I didn't find the 7" version of 'Brassneck', I put up the album version instead: I hope you will forgive this though ... blame it on my neck and the fact that is high time to move my cute little ass into my waterbed in the room nearby!

So here you are, Peel 134, from, as I said, February 1990. Great stuff altogether, I'm sure you'll agree:

Hate The Police Mudhoney
Brassneck (Version) Wedding Present
Great Expectations Would Be's
Sunday Head Creamers
Box Elder Wedding Present
Blue Thunder  Galaxie 500
Don't Talk, Just Kiss Wedding Present
Only Losers Take The Bus Fatima Mansions
I Don't Need You My Bloody Valentine
Held The Hand Daniel Johnston
Consume Heresy
Face Up To It Heresy
Something For The Longing Orchids
Chrome Jesus Lizard

As usual, it's your choice whether you prefer to have the tunes separately (here's the folder) or as another cute Megamix (here).

Either way, enjoy and leave comments telling me to proceed with this nonsense (Jesus, you may even request stuff from a special year and I see what is possible) ... or, if you'd rather, not to.




Luca said...

Welcome back and thanks for the Peel tape. As someone who hadn't the opportunity to listen to Peel back in the day I highly appreciate these tapes. However, take care of yourself, PLEASE.

Walter said...

Hello Dirk, good to have you back. I can join to the words of Luca. Also I had hardly no opportunity to listen to his shows and depended on tapes of friends from North Rhine-Westphalia. So thank you for the tape that I will listen tomorrow on my way to the office. Get well soon - there's no way to be treated like a suffering horse. Cheers, Walter

The Robster said...

Good stuff on here Dirk. If you want the single version of 'Brassneck', I'm happy to provide you with a copy, just for the sake of perfection...

Love Fatima Mansions too.

charity chic said...

Good to see you back posting Dirk and I hope your health improves soon

Dirk said...

Thanks for all your warm wishes, friends, highly appreciated!

And Rob, yes, if it doesn't cause too much trouble for you (mail adress is on the right side of the blog): I mean, in the end I have the 7" version on tape of course, so I suppose I could easily rip it myself ...

george said...

Hi Dirk, sorry to hear about your troubles. Some excellent tracks posted that I look forward to listening to.