Thursday, March 8, 2012

Special Request Edition: Albert Whelan (for Swiss Adam)

Hello folks,

there are just a handful of (music) blogs I visit on a daily basis, one of them being 'Bagging Area' which is run by the mighty Swiss Adam. Tons of good stuff to listen to each and every day and always accompanied by a some more or less informational rant .... exactly the way it should be. Too much Weatherall though for my liking, but you can't have everything in life, can you?

 Now, SA recently requested a song which I mentioned in another post and naturally I am very happy to oblige, as your will is my command, dear visitors of Sexyloser!

There ain't pretty much I can tell you about this song, nor about the singer, Albert Whelan. Apparently Whelan was born in Australia in 1875 and moved to Britain at the turn of the century where he became relatively famous. So, from the flipside of "We All Go Oo, Ha, Ha! Together", a Shellac 10" which plays on 78 RPM, released on Imperial back in 1931 (and no, I don't owe a copy of that!), here's to you, SA:

Albert Whelan - 'Pass! Shoot!! Goal!!!' ('31) (mp3)



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Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Dirk! For your kind words and the song, which is a valuable addition to the blogworld. And you're right, there probably is too much Weatherall at Bagging Area.