Thursday, March 1, 2012

"I Used To Be A Punk, But Now That Punk's Sunk ... I've Got Me Parka ..."

... and speaking of Parkas [yesterday]:

The Sussed weren't really mods in the purest sense but they certainly tried to cash in the British revival of the late-'70s with their novelty single, "I've Got Me Parka," a silly tribute to the mods' favorite fashion accessory. Originally formed as a pub rock band, The Sussed consisted of lead singer Oscar, Roger Boden (drums), Dave Bass (bass), and Kevin Law (guitar). After one single for Shoestring in 1979, they switched to the more trendy mod-revival and issued "I've Got Me Parka" the following year for Graduate.

Personally I only once wore a parka meself, and that was when I attended my basic military training back in another century. After said training was finished, I became one of God's laziest creatures: an airforce aidman (33 Fighter-bomber squadron, should you be interested) ... where I did virtually nothing for the rest of the year and wore all white all day. Looked pretty smart though with the blue airman first class - epaulettes ...

The Sussed - 'I've Got Me Parka' ('80) (mp3)



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