Monday, March 19, 2012

"Things I very much liked indeed ... back in 2004"

G'afternoon all,

dunno yet whether this is the start of another dull series of posts of me looking back in time or not. As per today it is just me passing on to you something I come back to listening to fairly frequently, just because it is a mighty tune indeed. I mean, below version is outstandingly brilliant, the same is true for the original by Pulp, of course. But what really is worth having a look at this link which leads you to a live performance on the Jay Leno show: just priceless! It really is hard to tell indeed whether Shatner (aged 73 (!!) at the time of this performance ... if I am even half that fit and/or angry then, I'll be a happy man!) is the living coolness or whether it is Joe Jackson: either way, both of them, as far as I'm concerned, are legends of our time .... albeit for completely different things. Obviously.

I do trust you enjoy this a great deal, friends. Any comments are of course highly appreciated.

William Shatner (with Joe Jackson and Ben Folds) - 'Common People' ('04) (mp3)

See ya,


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