Friday, March 2, 2012

"It's A Weight Around My Neck While The Owner's Free ..."

Dearest Mods (I assume that after the last two posts millions of Mods must be visiting this site every hour!),

before you ask: no, there are no plans to turn Sexyloser into a fashion - blog, but I'm afraid that again I have to come back to clothing here and now: instead of a parka I much rather wear the one and only leather jacket I ever bought, a wonderful purchase: a Marlon Brando - style motorcycle jacket made out of really thick 'n heavy leather and it feels like it weighs 1500 tons (sorry, Joe, couldn't resist) .... and it's the only item in my wardrobe that reliably manages to hold back that monstrous swell which became of the six-pack that I called my own when I was still younger and pretty as a picture .... in other words: around the time that this came out:

The Chills - 'I Love My Leather Jacket' ('86) (mp3)



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