Monday, March 5, 2012

Lady Loser's Lottery ... Pt. 5

Good afternoon friends,

the first one today of three in a row: yesterday I forced meself and the rest of the Sexyloser household to sit right down in front of the computer, the aim was to pick one song each with more or less closed eyes.

 I should explain that the folders in my explorer are set up in chronological order, the first one is called "1930" (although this folder contains just one song from that year, Albert Wheelan's 'Pass Shoot Goal', should you be interested), followed up by folders for more or less each year up to "2011".  So the wife had to scroll down the folders, double-click to open, scroll down the specific tunes in the folder she chose, double-click again ... et voila .... song chosen. All of that with (more or less) closed eyes, as I said.

Here's what she picked:

Sisters Of Mercy - 'Alice' ('82)

I can't make my mind up whether this is a neat choice or not: she certainly approves of the song, much more than I do ....

Tomorrow we'll have a look at Little Loser's pick, so stay tuned!




Swiss Adam said...

Random blogging. That's the way to do it. Plus, please post the 1930 song.

drew said...

You are far too organised Dirk!