Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sexyloser's Lottery .... Pt. 1

Hi there,

so here comes the third and final part of the Sexyloser household - lottery .... and what fun it was for everyone, to be sure! After wife and son made their picks, it was my turn ... and - not surprisingly - I ended up by picking the dullest of the three songs, one you all know by heart and can sing along to easily. Then again, it could have been worse .... I mean, who knows, perhaps even there is one lonely reader living in the outskirts of  nowhere who has never heard this in all of his young life: this person will of course be more then delighted about what I found. Then again he - or she - will perhaps be more delighted because the tune contains a rude word .... which is something that usually attracts attention:

Dinosaur Jr. - 'Freak Scene' ('88) (mp3)




drew said...

But it is rather good all the same, Dirk

Swiss Adam said...

It is a very good song Dirk. Thus worth posting.

Dana said...

Thanks greaat post