Saturday, March 17, 2012

"1985 - That Golden Year!! - Pt. 6

Hi there,

the following was shamelessly pasted from Wikipedia, but do I care? No, I don't!! This says it all about today's tune, I would imagine:

Breaking Circus was a postpunk band from the 1980s, based in Chicago and later Minneapolis, led by guitarist and vocalist Steve Bj√∂rklund.      

Björklund had earlier been a guitarist and vocalist for Strike Under; after a short stint in Terminal Beach, Breaking Circus was his next project, which initially also included bassist Bruce Lange. Breaking Circus signed to Homestead Records for their first release, The Very Long Fuse (1985), which used the Roland TR-606 drum machine. The EP included the song Marathon, which has been cited as "stuck in several thousand heads" and a "college-radio favorite."

Well, it certainly is a favorite of mine, ever was in fact, and I do sincerely hope it'll become a favorite of yours too, 'cos this is what this blog is intended to stand for!

Breaking Circus - '(Knife In A) Marathon' ('85) (mp3)

Enjoy (a great deal!!),



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