Monday, March 12, 2012

"1985: That Golden Year!!"

Good morning friends,

first of all sorry for the fact that I didn't find the time to post something over the weekend, but I spent all my free time with Little Loser, which was fun fun fun ....

Great news in our house, 'cos Mrs Loser has now become an approved product tester, which basically meant to me beforehand that she'd get sent a lot of womanish nonsense to test and then to write silly reviews about. But to my great surprise I was wrong, because a few days ago a sound bar, as pictured above, arrived in the post. Now, believe it or not, this thing normally costs more than 800,- (!!) Euros, but it was given to her for free. The only thing she had to do is to write a lenghty review and to post that on the seller's site. What might happen though is that the supplier wants it back after six month, but apparently - so the other reviewers say - they never want their stuff back as those review gain them more attention than anything else.

For me, having grown up with cassettes and vinyl, this sound bar just looked pretty nice, but that was about it, to be frank. According to Mrs Loser by and large it can do everything you want it to, once you have connected it with the telly, apart perhaps from doing the ironing ... and indeed this turned out to be the case and therefore Mrs Loser spent a lot of time in front of it and was highly amused all way through. I, on the other hand, wandered around in the kitchen, mumbling to myself, because I had to endure her shitty music all day, which of course didn't put me in the best of moods, until she left the house together with Little Loser. So I stood in front of this masterpiece of craftsmanship all alone and thought to meself "okay, give it a try". I went upstairs and quickly loaded a few tunes on an USB stick, put this into the sound bar .... and I must confess the result really blew me away! The sound was unbelievably clear, much much better than everything I have ever experienced in all of my life, especially compared to what I get when listening to me records on my old amplifier.

To cut a long story short, the below was on the stick as well, hadn't heard it for a long time and it still sounds perfect to me.

The Chameleons - 'Looking Inwardly' ('85) (mp3)

Actually I seem to have put a handful of songs from 1985 on this stick and, thinking this over, it indeed was a good year for music .... so be prepared to probably hear more from 1985 this week.

If I remember I will let you know whether the manufacturer wants the sound bar to be sent back to him in half a year or not .... and indeed about the other stuff Mrs Loser will get sent for free in the future.

Have fun,



Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Loser,
my music isn´t shitty!
NO more SOUNDBAR for YOU !!! From now on !!!
You will listen your records on YOUR old amplifier. An I will listen my music on MY brand new Soundbar :))

Kind regards your WIFE

Swiss Adam said...

Ha! That's you told Dirk.