Thursday, March 15, 2012

"1985 - That Golden Year!!" - Pt. 4

Hello friends and followers,

The Sacred Cowboys - again - come from Australia (mind you, there's tons of stuff from Australia here on Sexyloser recently, isn't it? More or less deliberately though ...) and were formed in 1982. The first song of theirs I heard was a version of Dylan's 'Highway '61' back in 1985 ... problem back then was that it was only available on a New Rose -label - compilation called 'La Vie En Rose', two pink LP's in a thick cardboard box ... a very nice item, but rather expensive, even back then.

 I remember very well that I spent all afternoon in the only reliable Indie record shop in town, contemplating whether I should buy the item or not. Buying it, of course, would have meant that I won't have the money for further purchases ... and quite a few cool things were for sale in 1985 and that's for sure!! Apparently I decided to go for it, something I don't feel bitter about some 27 years later, I must say.

But judge by yourself:

The Sacred Cowboys - 'Highway '61' ('85) (mp3)

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful - I haven't heard this for years. Members the Scared Cowboys popped up in a number of mid to late 80s Australian bands (The Models amongst others). One of my prized possessions is 7 inch of thiers "Nothing Grows In Texas" - minimalist brilliance.

Dirk said...

Yeah, 'Nothing Grows ..' is wonderful indeed: the standout track on their debult album in my humble opinion!