Thursday, May 30, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#40/45)

Good morning my lovelies,

another killer tune for you today, this time from Wales. You might not know the band, which is a real shame, because they are extraordinarily good, at least on this single. You might know the outfit though they turned into after they quit: The International Karate Plus.

But before that they were Mo-Ho-Bish-O-Pi, "as eclectic as their name is confusing" the NME once said. And I won't argue, because their fourth single is one of my most treasured items: an outstanding record indeed which makes me shout along with it every time I hear it at immense volume.

Your number forty, darlings. Enjoy:

V2 - WR5013517 (2000)

Now, wasn't that simply awesome??!!

Mo-Ho-Bish-O-Pi, by the way, included Martin Bimrose on guitar, Richard Arnold on drums and Mike Carter on bass. The band's name is derived from Moho bishopi, the scientific name of the Moloka‘i ‘Ō‘ō, an extinct bird known to have lived in Hawaii. Martin Bimrose saw an article about the bird in the Readers Digest whilst waiting at the dentists. He thought that with some imaginative punctuation, "the name could be as mad as he is".

As well it might be ...



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The Robster said...

Always good to see little-known Welsh bands getting an airing on the web. Nice one Dirk.

For what it's worth though, I'm not in the market for an ice machine at this time...