Saturday, May 18, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#36/45)

Good morning dearest friends,

something more contemporary for a change today, that's if you consider a five year old record to be contemporary, of course. In my age I easily do this, in fact everything released after 1990 or thereabouts is new to me, I'm afraid.

Today's single was critically acclaimed, but commercially unsuccessful, don't ask me why. It never charted anywhere, which I don't understand at all. Perhaps because it was the closer of a very fine debut album and the last one of quite a few singles released off said album ... perhaps people got a bit fed up with this, I dunno.

For me it is the perfect start of what might easily be your "Top Ten" in our little series ... although, as I pointed out before, there is no real Top Ten. This one here plus the next nine singles are as good as number 4 was, for example. Perhaps a little bit better, but I'm not absolutely certain about this either. But that's not important anyway, right? The main thing is: another nine belters are waiting to be introduced until mid-June and I do hope that you stand to attention until the last one has been featured!

Here's your number thirty-six, people, enjoy:

XL Recordings - XLS 399 (2008)
Great stuff, and on white vinyl as well. I do like that. Indeed.
Hope you too,

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Walter said...

I think there several reason why this song didn't enter the charts. No airplay, no support in the Internet and because it was the last track on the record. Do young folks listen the whole records like we did? Great tune - My favorite on the record.
Frohe Feiertage, Walter