Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#37/45)

Good morning my beauties,

there might be some of you who'll think that today's choice must have been a hard one for me, but let me assure you that this was not the case. Even if I owned all of the singles New Order ever released, I wouldn't have contemplated for a second which one to choose. Okay, I would have had some difficulties if  'Blue Monday' hadn't come out as a 12" only. But as this was not the case, I went for their first and, at least in my humble opinion, their very best release.

Your number thirty-seven, folks. Enjoy:

Factory - FAC 33 (1981)

As you might know this song is one of the very last ones Joy Division wrote. Personally, I never saw much of a Joy Division - influence in the New Order release above, not in comparison to the version on 'Still' at least ... to me this always was the start of a superb new band, one to watch out for.

Which one would you have chosen?

Drive friendly,



TheRobster said...

'True Faith' for me. Loads of reasons, one of them being that it brings tears to my eyes whenever I hear it. Don't know why, some songs just do that. Not many granted, but 'True Faith' is just so close to perfect very little can compare to it.

Unknown said...

I agree with The Robster. I still don't know why, but 'True Faith' somehow connected with the 16-years-old me. Maybe I was just scared of the future.

Brian said...

So tough... one of the greatest singles bands of all time. Your choice would be right there. I think it's significant that others have chosen "True Faith." That was the band's breakthrough moment here in America. Top 40! There's something about that song. I saw people enjoying that one that wouldn't have been caught dead listening to New Order when your pick was released. Made me not want to like it, but that was an impossibility.

Unknown said...

Temptation......the perfect moment when indie-guitar New Order met dance-clubby New Order and went mega.