Sunday, May 12, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#34/45)

Hello friends,

another oldie but goodie today, then again ... what did you expect: last week's number one in the charts? Not really, right?

Your number thirty-four, please enjoy:

CBS - S CBS 6228 (1978)

"Another Girl, Another Planet" is by far The Only Ones' best remembered song and has become something of a standard.

The Only Ones are often considered a one-hit wonder due to the popularity of "Another Girl, Another Planet" although the song was not actually a chart hit upon initial release in 1978. The track's first chart appearance was in July 1981, when it appeared at #44 for one week on the New Zealand charts, before dropping out of the top 50. More than a decade later, "Another Girl, Another Planet" appeared in the UK charts for two weeks in January 1992, peaking at #57.

The record is distinguished by soaring guitars, wounded vocals and Peter Perrett's elliptical lyrics framing a blasé, weary take on love and romance.

Allmusic calls it "Arguably, the greatest rock single ever recorded".

And me, I won't dare to disagree to that.




The Robster said...

"Arguably, the greatest rock single ever recorded"

No argument about it. It just *is*. Genius.

George said...

Excellent song. The version on the Peel Sessions album is better.

George said...

...but it's not the greatest rock single ever.....

drew said...

It wasone of the few pieces of vinyl I would have stolen when I was a kid. S the Robster says Pure Genius.

Trouble In The World was a good single too

Brian said...

Might be my most listened to song of all time. Discovered it when I was 13 years old on the best soundtrack ever... 'That Summer.' Just try not to sing along.