Thursday, May 9, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#33/45)

Good morning my beauties,

we had The Raymen (led by Link Wray) on Monday and we'll have The Raymen (led by Hank Ray)again today: I know you're all shouting "what a segue!!" at this very moment, but you don't have to thank me, no, I'm only here to please you with such extraordinary flashes of genius!

I stole the below from their website and I think it says it all:

"Since 1983 the Raymen have been spearing the essence of Bo Diddley, Hank Williams, Link Wray and Howlin Wolf in the guise of Punk-a-billy / Rock-a-billy – na-na in a way that taps directly into every boo-hoo rebel dream crying out in the night.

Total reverb-drenched echo-max land with a fist in the history of R’n’R pulling out the heart of American music in every warped take, beating rhythm-off Catholic sex and using it to put nitro-overdrive and vision into our collective psyche. This isn’t pretend scary Rock-a-Billy style crap all duded up. This is the rhythm and blast that made every over-powered, over-sexed run from confusion in the American juvenile delinquent hormonal nightscape that originally found voice in Punk and Rock’n’Roll."

This tune is good throughout, friends, a real killer .... and you shouldn't miss it, so download it NOW! Your number thirty-three, enjoy:

Giant Claw - GCS-004 (1992)
Limited edition of 1000 copies, nice green vinyl and on an Australian label: what more can you possibly ask for?
Take care,


Swiss Adam said...

Top tune Dirk. Nice segue too. Good work all round.

Walter said...

Great tune Dirk. Love this kind of stuff.