Monday, May 27, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#39/45)

Good morning dearest friends,

and especially a very good morning to the thousands of you who send in mails every day pointing out that we don't have enough skiffle here on Sexyloser: be relieved to hear that today's your day!

Alas I don't know all too much about Birmingham's finest band, Terry & Gerry, apart from what Wikipedia has to say:

"Unusually for the time the band was based on a skiffle sound making use of a washboard for percussion instead of a drum kit. Terry Lilley played double bass. Gerry Colvin sang lead vocals and played acoustic guitar.

Terry and Gerry took their style from nineteen fifties pop artists – they wore black evening suits and ribbon ties in the style of the Everly Brothers while sounding more akin to Britain’s Lonnie Donegan.
The songs written by Colvin/Lilley were remarkable for their brevity with the three songs on the first side of their debut EP 'Butter’s On the Bread' totalling just four minutes and five seconds. 'Butter’s On The Bread' referred to the miners’ strike of 1984.

'Butter’s On the Bread' appeared on Robert Lloyd’s Vindaloo records but subsequent records were released on the In Tape record label run by Marc Riley (ex The Fall).

BBC disc jockey and Donegan fan John Peel promoted the band when apparently by chance he picked out their demonstration tape because his wife’s best friends were also known as Terry and Gerry. He thought the coincidence was too great to ignore. The band recorded three sessions for the John Peel programme."

Your number thirty-nine, friends, so please enjoy:

from the 'Butter's On The Bread' 7" EP - Vindaloo Records - UGH 7 (1984)
This really is a fantastic tune, people, so please please please download it and listen closely to the outstanding lyrics: those will make your day, promised!
Have fun,

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Nice work Dirk, old boy.
Enjoying the series very much.

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