Sunday, June 2, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#41/45)

Good morning friends,

yes, you finally made it all the way through, because today's the start of your Top Five in our nice little rundown. 'Thank God this nonsense is over soon', I hear you say .... but do I care? No, not at all!

Again a record which doesn't need much of an explanation, for a very long time it was my all time favourite. This has changed by now, then again it still is a total classic and every song on the (four track) single is a winner.

Your number forty-one, you lot: enjoy!

Good Vibrations Records - GOT 4 (1978)
White wraparound sleeve and by and large still in pristine condition: a much treasured item, as I say, and I can well imagine that it might be worth a few quid these days ....
Have fun,
PS: Would be interesting to know whether you prefer the original above or the cover version we had @ #25 .... comments anyone?


TheRobster said...

Oh nothing beats the original Dirk, nothing. I've come across numerous covers and while some of them have been more than just OK, none have ever been blessed with the level of awesomeness that still permeates the 'Tones version.

George said...

Dirk, just catching up, and I'm extremely impressed that you have The Pete Best Beatles superb Alamein Train AND terry and gerry. I have the Terry and Gerry album, from Lubbock to Clintwood East, and some recordings from their sessions for John peel. Great Band. Great series.

Brian said...

Yet another song I first heard on the 'That Summer' soundtrack as a wee lad. That's the record I mentioned when you posted "Another Girl, Another Planet." Wow, what a song! Well deserved placement, sir.

Walter said...

Hi Dirk, everything's said by The Robster. And be shure that your rundown isn't boring at all. Made fun to me anytime. Go on.