Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#45/45)

Gooooood morning friends,

so ... we finally made it, didn't we? June 11th today, which means that:

- I'll currently be embrowning my cute little ass in the Turkish sun and you'll all be jealous!
- I'll be considerably drunk in a few hours because it's my birthday today, so: Happy Birthday to me!
- I'll be able to tell you what - in my eyes - is the best record in the history of the whole world ever!

Your number forty-five, friends. Enjoy:

CBS - S CBS 6383 (1978)

A predictable choice, ey? I'm sure you knew it all along .... then again this record really has stood the test of time, in fact it's as up to date today as it was back in 1978. Perhaps this is why it's hanging on my office room wall: all four versions, in their pink, yellow, blue and green sleeves, framed. And each and every morning when I get up I look at them with pride .... which probably shows you what a twerp I am. Aaaaanyway ....

I do hope you enjoyed this "45 45's until I'm 45" - series ... I certainly did. But most of all I enjoyed the views you shared in your comments, highly appreciated ... and this is what keeps this blog running in one form or another. So a big kiss to all of you who left a few lines!

See ya soon/take care,


PS: next up: "12 12"'s until Little Loser (now 4) is 12" perhaps .... which is a manageable challenge, I would think ...


Unknown said...


I mentioned your wonderful series on TVV yesterday and said that I reckoned I knew the identities of the final two songs. I got #45 (great choice) but the song I had in my head for #44 was of course only released on 12" (you know the one I'm thinking about amigo!!!!)

A very very happy birthday to you. I hope that the Turkish sun is beaming down on you and that you have the most maginificent celebration with Mrs Loser and Little Loser.

More power to your fingertips.

Swiss Adam said...

Happy birthday Dirk- enjoy!
Fantastic series, fantastic record.

TheRobster said...

Yes! I knew it! I guessed this would be right up there earlier in your rundown. A right corker make no mistake.

Happy birthday Dirk, or as they say in sunny Wales:
Penblwydd hapus i chi
Penblwydd hapus i chi
Penblwydd hapus annwyl Dirk
Penblwydd hapus i chi.

Charity Chic said...

Happy birthday Dirk
What a fantastic series and what a fantastic song to end on

Andrea Peviani said...

Bravissimo Dirk!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Dirk and thanks for the amazing series. What are you doing in Turkey? If you want sun (and good food) you really should come to Italy. The sun is scorching today and my only gripe is that I will spend the whole afternoon at school deciding my students' fate and trying to save them from the wrath of my teaching colleagues. So, you see, I'm sorry but I'm NOT jealous this time (apart for my envy of your record collection..).
..may I suggest 78 78rpm 'till I'm 78 for the next series? It will take quite a long time but it would be REALLY old school!
Cheers to you and your family.
Buone vacanze.

George said...

Happy Birthday. Excellent series.

drew said...

Happy belated Birthday Dirk. Oh and TUNE!

Walter said...

Happy belatet birthday Dirk too. Was great fun to follow your series and I'm looking forward to your 12-inches. Hope you got enough sun in Turkey after that fucking rainy season in Germany. Go on writing and have fun.

Nev said...

Hope you had a great birthday... really enjoyed this series!