Friday, June 14, 2013

Thank You!!


back from Turkey and I'm gorgeous golden brown: if you could see me I'm sure you wanted to dance around me!

There are millions of songs about having been away and this is but one of them. A very fine one though, I think:


The holidays, should you be wondering, were not at all too bad: loads of sun and that's the main thing after months and months of rain down here. Way too many fucking Russians who behaved like swines in the hotel though, which made me think of this tune all the time recently:


Coming back to the "45 45's" - series: I was astonished to see the amount of comments which were left within last week and again I have to point out that this sort of thing is what keeps Sexyloser running. So a big kiss and 'thank you' to:

JC: for his very nice post about me last week: you might be right about 'Temptation' having been @ #44, mate. But perhaps I'll do something with my 12" singles in the near future, so just wait and see, okay? And, by the way, we should indeed meet soon. Problem is that you'll need to learn to speak English first, as Scottish is not understandable for me. Then again a few beers might help to solve this problem within the conversation ...

Swiss Adam: for his nice words and also for the fact that he runs one of the four best blogs I know. A bit too much Weatherall for my liking though, but who cares, right?

Brian and The Robster: I think the two of you left the greatest amount of comments within the series, so thanks a lot for following it all the way through so intensely. And, Robster, thanks for your Welsh congratulations: highly appreciated!

Luca: I already thought of of the the "78 78's" - thingy as well, but a) my record player won't play that fast and b) my collection of 78's currently counts zero items. But, as I said, I'm contemplating to give my 12"'s a spin in one form or another. And: Italy, apart from France and the UK, is my key market at work, and I found out over the years that all Italians are somewhat morons, providing they or their relatives work in the paper industry. They do my head in every fucking day. So I won't go there under no circumstances whatsoever, sorry! At least I don't think I ever will ...

Charity Chic, DvD, & Drew: nice comments all the way through!

Walter: loads of comments as well plus, I think, the only German who tends to read Sexyloser. Your blog is fantastic, by the way!

George: who commented frequently as well: I was happy to see that you were so fond of the Pete Best Beatles and Terry & Gerry!

Lee Thacker: who said that "I'm sure that Peelie would approve": now this just has to be the best compliment that can be made, isn't it?

Anonymous: for tons of nice comments, albeit rather unrelated to the series, about the merits of Ice Machines, Wordpress, Viagra and penis enlargement: I'll think one of those days I'll come back to you and demand more details about the latter, promised!

This is for all of you, friends:

Take good care,



Anonymous said...

Hope you will change your mind, someday. Knowing you'll take what I'm about to say the right way, it's too easy to generalize from our previous experiences. Believe me,we are better than that, and you can do better than that too.

George said...

Looking forward to the 12" section. 12 of them? Could be a hard choice.....

Unknown said...

Welcome back you sexy winner!

It wasn't Temptation I was thinking was more to do with a certain photo you once posted of a 12" on Zoo Records. I'll say nothing more just in case it features in the 12" series big boy.

Swiss Adam said...

Top 4 eh? Thanks very much. Glad you had a good holiday.

dickvandyke said...

He only reads 4 blogs, Adam!

Well done Dirky boy. You and your white socks.
For 10 points, who said, "Oh ... those Russians!"

dickvandyke said...

Answer - Boney M - Rasputin!
Points to me.

JC said...

Hi Dirk

This isn't related to your particular post, but just to let you know that The Vinyl Villain blog has met its demise at the hands of blogger.

I'm starting all over again....