Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#15/45)

Good morning y'all,

another one today I heard on Peel when I was much younger and still pretty as a picture and another one I immediately fell in love with and thus had to get me hands on. Which I managed to do, luckily enough.

Then again also it's one I cannot tell you anything at all about, but I found a little piece on the internet which describes today's choice perfectly well, I would think. Copyright by Spin Magazine. Sue me if you want to:

"John Wayne had a horse to kiss, but Terry Bradford has a lover neither Wayne nor his horse could beat. Over brashly strummed acoustic guitar that starts at barely a crawl but picks up to polka pace, Bradford, vocalist with the band July 14th tells about his lover in intimate detail. He met her in an old pawnshop, wrapped her and took her home, caressed her when he was alone and took her out on Saturday nights. With a soft sane voice punctuated by gnarly electric guitar twangs borrowed from a boogiefried American South, the story of 'me And My Gun', unfolds."

Wise words indeed. Here's your number fifteen, friends:

Greasy Pop Records - GPR 110 (1984)
See you soon, all the best/take good care,