Sunday, March 3, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#16/45)

Good morning my beauties,

the sun is shining this morning plus it is snowing a little bit ... and my colleague is back to work after weeks and weeks of absence: which gives me the time and opportunity to  present to you the next one in my little series.

Again a song which I think needs no further explanation as it is groundbreaking stuff again. Then again, as I never get tired to point out, contrary to the 97% of middle-aged men (yes, those with a bit of a belly (although we all know this is just a visual illusion and the truth of the matter is that the stupid wife will never learn to wash and dry our shirts in a proper way so that they won't shrink every freaking time) and diminishing hair (although I'm willing to have a small bet that this has got something to do with the horsemeat which these days seems to be in nearly everything we like to eat)), there might also be one or two young folks who simply weren't born when this came out but have a good taste in music nevertheless, so the chance exists that they might never have heard this. No question their life will never be the same after this has been achieved!

So this is for you, you two, your number sixteen. Enjoy:

Mute - MUTE 001 (1978)
The first record to be issued on the Mute label and what a gem it is, isn't it? I chose the B-Side, the A-Side being 'T.V.O.D.' ('Television Overdose', should you've been wondering for the last 35 years), which is not too shabby either, but doesn't match the sheer brilliance 'Warm Leatherette' offers. Also, funnily enough, this is just another song about car accidents which I really adore: the Room's 'Jackpot Jack' comes to mind here too and it would have hit the list as well, but I only have it on a 12".
What can it mean, I wonder?
Drive friendly,


Walter said...

Another great choice in your little series Dirk. Good that you chosen the original by the Normal and not the well known version of the Buzzcocks or Grace Jones. I like the rough industrial version more than the others. I think they will tell us what's on your mind, when you're close to death - if it is possible or not.
Drive carefully - we have a sunny clear day down south. Walter

Swiss Adam said...

Cracking tune Dirk.