Monday, March 11, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#18/45)

Good morning nice people,

an oldie but goodie again today, you'll know it by heart, I'm sure. But that's no reason not to offer it here again ... as your number eighteen. Enjoy ...

Sensible Records - FAB 1 (1977)

The Rezillos have always been one of my top favourite bands from the punk era and even these days, some 35 years later, I still love to listen to what they did back then. Perhaps this is because after all they weren't only 'punk', in fact they managed to merge punk with glam, new wave and pop.

A few weeks ago I even enjoyed their debut LP, 'Can't Stand The Rezillos' in its entirety with me headphones on at immense volume ... twice! A record which I cannot recommend enough to you: shouldn't you already have it in your possession, get your hands on it now! Some nice cover versions on it as well, their turn at Fleetwood Mac's 'Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight' is particularily perfect!

I think if I ever get me hands on their second Peel Session, my life is complete!

Have fun,



TheRobster said...

Fine stuff indeed, love the Rezillos meself. Always wondered if the average Top of the Pops audience saw the irony of the Rezillos performing 'Top of the Pops' on the show. Probably not...

George said...

Yes, it's a terrific album.