Friday, March 15, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#19/45)

Hello folks,

it should be obvious by now, but if you want to sell me your record, couple it with some chiming chords, a memorable lyric and a catchy hook, and I’m all yours for the next three to four minutes.

Today's pick creates a chilling landscape, blanketing the song in a reverberating wall of sound, making you feel like you’re there, sheltering from the storm, while an arctic wind whips outside. The songs setting, the frozen surroundings of the “polar zone” is the complete antithesis of the tropical warmth of Brisbane, Australia — where both the band and this single originated. Your number nineteen, friends, so please enjoy:

Citadel Records - CIT 004 (1983)

I never had the benefit of a lyric sheet with this record and for years and years it drove me nuts not to be able to find out what exactly the singer wants to tell us when he sings: “I felt so lonely when my ?????? died/I felt my tears freeze when I finally cried”

Again the internet proved itself to be mankind's greatest invention with this: how many of you know what a Samoyed is? I surely didn’t. A Samoyed is a breed of dog that is suited for colder climbs, originating from North-West Siberia. Find a picture and you’ll see one of the happiest looking dogs ever. I was instantly humbled. If this dog died, I’d cry too.

Also I found out that the refrain “listen to the shoeshine boys” refers to a black 50s doo-wop band from Alabama.

Attention to detail should never go unrewarded, you see, and neither should this song.

Take good care,


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