Sunday, February 3, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#09/45)

Hello Sweethearts,

another fine one today in my little chart, I'm sure you'll agree after having had a listen!

Should you be wondering what this might all be about: I'm trying to post forty-five 7" singles out of my collection until my 45th birthday, which is in June. In no particular ranking, although my personal highlights will by and large crop up towards the end of the series. Also I only feature records which I physically own meself, means surely better ones have been released and would have been included, but, alas, I don't own them.

There ain't pretty much I can tell you about today's combo apart from the fact that A - they were Peel favourites back in their days and B - the song is extraordinarily brilliant, in my opinion the outstanding one on a 3-track - 7" EP. And again it's from 1979 which proves how good this year was for music.

This is your number nine, people:

from the 'Someone Different' - 7", Teen Beat Records - TBR 1 (1979)

Should you at all be interested, I found a little bit of additional information on The Glass Torpedoes on the net and of course I didn't hesitate to shamelessly copy and paste here for your satisfaction. This dates May 1982:

"Formed in October 1978 they released a single on Rough Trade in June 79. This got to number five in the alternative charts and was played on the radio a few times. A line up change followed the single, the bass player leaving the band to form a band in which he now sings – China Crisis. The Glass Torpedoes went on to do a John Peel session in January 1980 and the following October went on tour with Gary Glitter.
The history of the Glass Torpedoes is certainly one that is full of problems. Every time things have looked up something has gone wrong. The demo for the single ‘Something Different’ was well received but the master and resulting single suffered from bad mixing and sound quality. Men in black coats from record companies came to see them play at the Masonic to confirm a recording deal, but the Torpedoes had lost their singer three days previously. The replacement forgot the lyrics and they heard no more from the record company! The tales of woe go on − most last year was spent waiting in vain for promises of tours and record deals to be fulfilled. At the end of 81 the Glass Torpedoes thought they had come to the end of the road as a band. Their hopes seemed more distant than ever and inspiration was low.
By the end of 1981 the Glass Torpedoes line-up included Mark Coleridge (drums) as the only remaining original member, Paul Reason (guitars), from the formation that recorded the Peel Sessions and went on tour with Gary Glitter and John Milton, and new members Kate Gill (vocals) and Bernie Carroll (bass). The recorded their third and last single at the end of 1981 (then re-released in 1983), featuring as the a-side a re-recorded version of a number already performed during the Peel session of the previous year."
Enjoy the tune, friends: it is good throughout!

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Anonymous said...

Great tunes.... I heard that one of the band had boxes of an unreleased single in his garden shed. So unlucky!